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YoJoe ID: CMC-IDW-1982-4THEFALL-05

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: January 2015
Series: G.I. Joe Season 4
Issue Number: 5

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Cobra hit squads are searching for Rashidov and Isaac. Duke and Big Ben have started working with Flint’s team on investigating who is the kid Duke was tasked with finding. Spinetti of Operational Support discovers who Isaac is first and his connection to Cobra as Siren’s son. And Rashidov himself gets offered a seat at the negotiation table by Tomax.

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Notes of Interest

Major Players

Joes: Flint, Helix, Mainframe, Roadblock, Scarlett
Non-GI Joe: Duke, Big Ben

Cobra: Cadet Isaac Craft, Siren, Baroness, Tomax,

Others: Joshua Spinetti, Nick, Dosken (Operational Support), Victor, Galibi Separatists: Grigor Rashidov, Stasik, Bogdan, Makar Petrov

Creative Team

"The Fall of GI Joe Part 5"

Writer: Karen Traviss
Artist: Steve Kurth
Colorist: Kito Young
Letterer: Tom B. Long
Editor: John Barber
Special Thanks to Max Brooks

Cover Credits Cover A: Artist: Jeffrey Veregge
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription): Artist: Dheeraj Verma
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

-- Galibi, The Caucasus
Forklift driver Bogdan is attacked and interrogated regarding Rashidov and his supplies. After being tortured he finally gives out the name of Makar. The torturers report in to Tomax with the name. Tomax orders them to keep getting names.

-- Myuretz, Galibi
Helix has a gun pointed at her head. She is being held by Big Ben. He calls Duke on her cell phone informing him of their guest.

-- GI Joe Team Bravo I-O, Safe House, Southern Galibi
Flint has lost contact with Helix. So Flint, Mainframe and Roadblock head into town to find her. Flint gets a call from Big Ben giving him directions to their location. As the Joe team enters the room, Duke comes up behind them.

-- Valle Ciminello, Northern Italy: Day 20 of the Protest outside US Base, Camp Hayling.
A line of protesters are holding anti-American signs protesting a US military base in Italy. This protest was instigated by Cobra’s Tomax proclamation that the US does not need to have military base all over the world. On the hill above, the Baroness has a spotter helping her find a target. A news reporter is just preparing to start their report when one of the protesters is shot. Panic starts, people scramble, and the cameras film the aftermath. The Baroness packs up her gun and they go away. The Baroness is helping to support Tomax’s mission of uniting the rest of the world against the United States. She wants to recruit Isaac, Siren’s son, to her cause within Cobra.

-- Rashidov’s temporary headquarters, Southern Galibi
A truckload of supplies have arrived. Isaac is going through them, mixed in with regular clothing and food is C4 explosives. Stasik, Rashidov’s lieutenant, is watching Tomax on television ask directly to Rashidov that he wants him to be included in the peace talks. Stasik is also very concerned about Isaac being in charge of sorting the explosives. Rashidov and Isaac sit down to talk. Isaac with his usual venom tells of his dislike for the peace keeping Cobra and Tomax who is leading it. He also doesn’t believe that Cobra is doing the peace keeping for the greater good but just for profit and prestige. Rashidov points out that the oil pipeline is bringing in millions and they are offering him a piece of the profits. Isaac doesn’t like the idea.

-- Myuretz, Galibi
Flint is confronting Duke about his dropping off the radar after leaving GI Joe. Mainframe asks how Aisha is doing. Duke responds with she died last year. Big Ben tells them they are or were there to find a kid, but the employer just stood them down and paid double. Duke shows Flint the picture of the Isaac.

-- East River Park, NYC, Next Day
Scarlett and Joshua Spinetti of Operational Support, are walking and talking about the information leak within GI Joe. They make a trade; GI Joe gets information on the dead kid in Galibi, plus the leak. Operational Support gets Cobra’s rogues gallery of information.

-- Operational Support Field Office, Astakh, Galibi
Nick, an Operational Support Assistant, has Dosken arrive to give him some information. Dosken was the person that Bogdan reported to, he is panicked that he will be killed.

-- New York, 2200 hrs
Spinetti answers the phone, it’s Nick on the line asking for permission to let Dosken escape. Joshua gives it. Then he calls the main office to check in to find out with they have anything for Scarlett. There research matched the face of the dead kid Flint found to a kid in the Cobra youth program.

-- Cobra Consulate, London
The news is reporting that the protester shoot in Italy was not from a US gun. Tomax on the same program talks about how the protests need to remain peaceful. In his office, Tomax is pretty sure that the shooter was the Baroness. Siren reports to him that polls show people believe the CIA shot the protester.

-- Makar Petrov’s Garage, Pomiuri, Galibi
The same Cobra squad that assaulted Bogdan are following their next lead in the efforts to track down Rashidov and Isaac. They question and kill Makar Petrov after he gives a name and they steal his cell phone with more names of the people who contact him.

-- Myuretz, Galibi
Big Ben and Roadblock are talking about why Cobra and GI Joe are so involved in what is happen with Rashidov. They step into the bar to talk to Victor about connecting with Rashidov, after waiting for a few hours he is a no show, so they go to his club. Near midnight as they pull up they see the Cobra squad dragging Victor into an alley. Roadblock and Big Ben open fire on the kidnappers. The Cobra squad drop Victor and rush back into the SUV and escape without firing a shot back. Victor beaten up is alive. Roadblock is positive they were Cobra even though no visible signs.

-- Ops Center, Governor’s Island
Scarlett has received the name of the kid in the video. And she is pissed that GI Joe couldn’t put together sooner that the bomber was Isaac the son of Siren the same kid that Hashtag went after to save.

-- Operational Support Spinetti and his researcher are looking at a different photo of Isaac. Spinetti actually knows him, having made a supply deal with. And he wants to know why Isaac and Cobra are helping Rashidov.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen