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YoJoe ID: CMC-IDW-1982-2THEFALL-02

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: October 2014
Series: G.I. Joe Season 4
Issue Number: 2

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The Joe team is on a mission to find Separatist leader Rashidov. Tomax is trying to set up Cobra in between Schleteva and Galibi as tensions escalate. Isaac, Siren’s son, and Cadet John have joined Rashidov’s camp as Cobra deserters. Duke and Big Ben are hired to track down Isaac. John uses his phone to call his girlfriend, which gives away their position. The Joes, Cobra, Joshua Spinetti, Duke and Big Ben all now know where they are located.

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Notes of Interest

Season 4 takes place 5 years after Season 3 ended. Isaac Craft is sixteen.

First Appearance of Grigor Rashidov, the separatist leader of Galibi.

Major Players

Joes: Flint, Helix, Mainframe, Roadblock, Scarlett
Non-GI Joe: Duke, Big Ben

Cobra: Cadet Isaac Craft, Siren, Tomax, Cadet John, Emil a Cobra Agent.

Others: Joshua Spinetti (Operational Support), Galibi Separatists: Grigor Rashidov, Stasik,

Creative Team

"The Fall of GI Joe Part 2"

Writer: Karen Traviss
Artist: Steve Kurth
Colorist: Kito Young
Letterer: Tom B. Long
Editor: John Barber
Special Thanks to Max Brooks

Cover Credits:
Cover A: Artist: Jeffrey Veregge
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription): Artist: Steve Kurth, Colors by Kito Young
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (Retail Incentive): Artist: Kelsey Shannon
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

-- 0200 hours, day 6 of Operation Axion – Elimination of separatist leader Grigor Rashidov
The Joe team of Flint, Mainframe, Roadblock and Helix are sneaking up on a farm house that is empty. The intel they got was out of date by weeks. They head to their SUV. Mainframe is confident that they will be able to track down Rashidov.

-- Tomax Paoli’s Office, Cobra European Consulate, London
Siren gets her son’s letter telling her that he is deserting Cobra. Tomax made sure his unit knows they were sent on a special mission. Siren believes he has joined the separatists of Galibi. After she leaves, Tomax calls Emil telling him that he has a high priority mission that can’t be connected to Cobra. They need to hire someone to keep it quiet and take care of Isaac. A news report on the TV shows Italians protesting at a US military base.

-- Separatist Camp, Southern Galibi
Separatist Leader Grigor Rashidov is talking to one of his top lieutenants about Isaac. They don’t know what to make of him. His devotion to Cobra, his eagerness to fight, his military skills and that his mother is high ranking Cobra makes him valuable to them. But he could be a Cobra plant. In their room, Isaac and John are talking about Cobra, John wants to contact his girlfriend. But Isaac violently steals the phone from John, he knows they can be tracked by the phone. He walks away having given the phone back.

-- Dagil, Schleteva
At a checkpoint, Duke is talking to Big Ben about their new assignment. They have been hired to find a sixteen year old kid named Isaac. Emil, a Cobra Agent, gives them a picture, some intel on his last location and their payment. They don’t know they are hired by Cobra.

-- Myuretz, Souther Galibi: Next Day
Duke and Big Ben visit bars, hostels, message boards, internet cafes looking for a clue to find Isaac. Duke doesn’t like not knowing who he is working for. A guy walks up to them introducting himself as a man who can help find whatever they need. Duke is confused by his phones service, which is connecting to an unknown Arabic one.

-- Southern Galibi, Location Undisclosed
Cadet John is secretly talking to his girlfriend Elena, telling her they deserted to Rashidov and he misses her. He hears someone walking up, so he quickly hangs up. Cadet Isaac having heard the call is really mad. He knows that their location has been compromised.

-- Safe House, 50 Kilometers from Astaki, Southern Galibi: Day 8 of Operation Axiom.
Mainframe talks to Scarlett, she has no new information for them, so they just continue waiting. Helix is bored.

-- Astakh, Galibi, near the Schletevan Border, Operational Support Office
Joshua Spinetti walks in to talk to man willing to sell some information. Joshua hands over a stack of cash, the man gives him a number telling him to trace it.

-- National Security Agency: Location, Classified.
An NSA agent calls Scarlett telling her they have found a confirmed location, but its 36 hours old. Scarlett calls Mainframe to relay the information. Another NSA agent calls Joshua Spinetti telling him the same information and that he knows GI Joe has the same info. The Joe team gears up to complete their assassination mission. Spinetti calls his contact to pass on message to Rashidov that his position has been compromised. Cobra also monitored the call, Duke receives an email with location information of Isaac.

-- Separatist camp, Southern Galibi
A warning goes out that an assassination squad is on the way, they have been compromised because someone has a cell phone. Isaac goes up to Rashidov telling him he knows who has the phone and will deal with it. He walks up to John asking him if he made any more calls, after admitting he had, Isaac pulls out a pistol and executes Cadet John, supposedly his friend. Everyone around him is amazed at the brutality of the execution. 40 minutes later the Joes arrive to an empty camp and laying in the middle is John’s dead body.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen