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YoJoe ID: CMC-IDW-1982-SEASON4-04

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: September 2014
Series: G.I. Joe Season 4
Issue Number: 1

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Cadet Isaac, disappointed with the peace keeping Cobra, goes AWOL to join a fighting group on the Galibi side. Scarlett defends the GI Joe team in front of a Senate committee. And the Joe team begins a mission against the separatist leader of Galibi, Rashidov

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Alternate Covers

Cover E was released exclusively at the Awesome Comic Con April 18th to 20th, 2014 in Washington DC Awesome Con

Cover F was released exclusively at the New York City Comic Convention Oct 10th to 12th, 2014

Notes of Interest

Season 4 takes place 5 years after Season 3 ended. Isaac Craft is sixteen.

First Appearance of Joshua Spinetti of Operational Support.

Introduction of Rashidov, the separatist leader of Galibi.

Major Players

Joes: Flint, Hawk, Helix, Mainframe, Roadblock, Scarlett

Cobra: Baroness, Cadet Isaac Craft, Siren, Tomax, Cadet John

Others: Joshua Spinetti (Operational Support), President Bulatov (Schleteva Leader), US Senator Anson,

Creative Team

"The Fall of GI Joe Part 1"

Writer: Karen Traviss
Penciller: Steve Kurth
Inker: Steve Kurth
Colorist: Kito Young
Letterer: Tom B. Long
Editor: John Barber
Special Thanks to Max Brooks

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Jeffrey Veregge
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription): Artist: Cliff Wu Chiang
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C RIA (Retail Incentive A): Artist: Kelsey Shannon
Cover Company: IDW

Cover D RIB (Retail Incentive B - Blank Sketch): None
Cover Company: IDW

Cover E (Retailer Exclusive): Artist: Dave Dorman
Cover Company: Awesome Con

Cover F (Retailer Exclusive): Artist: Robert Atkins
Cover Company: New York City Comic Convention

Full Details

-- The Caucasus – Schleteva-Galibi Border, 48 hours after the ceasefire
As guards watch several armored trucks with large Cobra symbols on the side pass through to the Schleteve side of the border.

-- Verenya, Schleteva: Next Day
Several Cobra trainees file out of the Cobra vehicles. The Sergeant in charge starts giving them orders to help support the check point. Cadet Isaac Craft (See GI Joe Season 3 #15 ) /comics/idwgijoeseason3/gijoeseason312 is furious with the sergeant because he wants to be actually fighting instead of peacekeeping. Cobra’s mission as a world power is more peace keeping then war like in the past.

-- Dagil Airport, Schleteva – Next Day
Tomax has just landed is on the phone with Siren, she has forwarded him his media schedule, he thanks her and says if he sees her son he will remind him to call her. Tomax gets in the car with Schletevian President Bulatov. They talk about setting up a meeting with Rashidov, preventing Galibi from becoming an American ally and a deal for a pipeline. Both are happy there is a ceasefire.

-- Washington DC, Two hours before the closed Senate hearing into the future structure of Special Forces
Hawk and Scarlett are preparing to enter a Senate hearing regarding GI Joe. Hawk reminds Scarlett that she has be smart and the Joe team’s fate depends on this hearing.

-- Hearing into the future structure of Special Forces, Russell senate Office Building
The Senators are asking Scarlett questions about why GI Joe’s high cost per head. Scarlett reminds them about their success with Cobra. Cobra is has now renounced violence and is working as world wide peace keeping force. Before taking a break, Senator Anson points out that GI Joe’s main mission of defeating Cobra is complete and what is GI Joe doing that other agencies can’t.

In a break room, Scarlett pissed that the Senator boxed her in a corner. Joshua Spinetti, of Operational Support, introduces himself to Scarlett. Basically, since GI Joe is about to be broken up. The different agencies are hunting for the personnel. He also believes that Cobra hasn’t changed and is still keeping control of a lot of bad elements in the world. Cobra has conned the world.

-- Verenya, Schleteva: Two Days Later
Cadet Isaac is in his room, when he is summoned to talk to Tomax. He is just checking on him and fulfilling a promise to his mother. He is happy to see Isaac doing well. Isaac doesn’t like Tomax.

-- GI Joe base, Governor’s Island: Two Days after the Senate hearing
Helix, Mainframe and Roadblock are lamenting the potential break up of GI Joe and Helix’s invite to join Cyber Command. Scarlett walks in to give them a report on the Senate hearings. Flint is currently testifying, the report will take months to complete, then confirmation and then run down period, so GI Joe has like a year or two. Helix walks out.

-- Cobra Consulate, London
The Baroness is confronting Tomax as Siren waits to give a presentation. She is doesn’t like his approach of being so public, but she does admit that it has given them the ability to re arm and increased their profits. Tomax has been directly involved in the peace treaty between Schleteva and Galibi. Siren begins her presentation about the current state of the Cobra PR campaign to defuse America’s power in the world. The Baroness walks out wanting to be part of an action campaign.

-- Verenya, Schleteva
Cadet Isaac and Cadet John are walking in the woods talking about how Cobra has changed. John is more focused on following orders from the Sargeant, where as Isaac is about being a part of the action.

-- Briefing Room, Governor’s Island
Scarlett has just briefed Flint, Roadblock, Helix and Mainframe on the Cobra situation in Schleteva- Galibi. They believe that Cobra working behind the scenes, making money, and will eventually create a war that will only befit them. In 72 hours, the Joes are going in to take out Rashidov, the separatist leader of Galibi. Mainframe and Scarlett walk out of the briefing together, she just doesn’t like sending in Joes.

-- Verenya, Schleteva
Cadets Isaac and John are sneaking out into the town, both have pistols. There transport picks them as they head out to help change Cobra, Isaac mails a letter to his mother on the way.

-- Morris’s Bar, Washington DC
Joshua Spientti is analyzing the Galibi-Schleteva situation and believes the US needs to step away and leave Cobra to deal with it. He calls Tony asking for the nearest specialist to Schleteva.

-- Galibi Airspce: three days later
The Joe team is inserting into Galibi, as Tomax on the news with the leader of Schleteva talking about peace and how the US needs to stay away. He goes even further asking the US to start closing military bases around the world encouraging the occupied countries to begin peaceful protests.

-- Along the Schleteva-Galibi border
Cadets Isaac and John are introduced to Galibi leader, Rashidov.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen