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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: August 2009
Series: G.I. Joe Season 1
Issue Number: Helix Special

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A new Joe agent who has near savant abilities has failed to check in from her first undercover mission. Hawk sends Duke to go find her and bring her back. Which he does in typical Duke fashion. But he has to help Helix complete her mission, first.

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Notes of Interest

Introduction of Helix.

Major Continuity Differences This is the continuity of the IDW comics not the movie/video game.

Major Players

GI Joe: Helix, Duke, Hawk

Additional Characters: Koji Soto

Creative Team

"GI Joe Special: Helix" Writer: Brian Reed Artist: Joe Suitor Letterer: Robbie Robbins Editor: Andy Schmidt

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Cover Credits Cover Artist: David Williams Colors by Kelsey Shannon Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

At the GI Joe Training Facility Beta, a woman stands in an empty room in a fighting stance just waiting. A voice asks "Whenever you are ready, Helix." She says "start".

In rushes two men, with head protection on and four others with a variety of machine guns. Two of the men attack Helix as she begins reporting what she sees. The men with the machine guns stand to the side and begin firing the guns into the air. Helix dodges one man and reports that one man is holding a Colt M-16A with 30 rounds fully loaded, the other man has a Heckler & Koch HK416 30 rounds fully loaded but the magazine is light maybe twenty rounds plus describing the other two guns. She easily kicks in the head the last remaining attacker. A cease fire is called. And the training exercise is over. Helix then gives the counts of the rounds fired from the 4 different machine guns. And she is 100% accurate on all of them.

Hawk stops the recording of this training exercise that him and Duke have been watching. Hawk explains that Helix has what he is calling "Total Organic Battlefield Awareness" and one of his special projects. Helix is an alpha level GI Joe operative and she has gone missing.

Hawk continues. Prior to GI Joe, Helix was a near master level practitioner of many different martial arts and fencing. She competed around the world in both official tournaments and underground ones. Helix wasn't just a good fighter it is rumored that Helix could master a style after having encountered it just once. Several of the underground tournaments were to the death, she would walk in knowing nothing engage in combat with a lifetime practitioner of the art and walk out without a scratch.

Hawk hands over a dossier to Duke, as he looks through it he notices that their is no military record, which Hawk confirms. Also included is a stick figure diagram explaining how she sees the world. The head shrinks think that she is some kind of savant bordering on autistic, they aren't sure. Her savantism allows her to identify & solve complex calculations at a spooky rate. Everything she sees is given a data set, miles before a tank runs out as, ammo counts, etc.

Hawk says to Duke "She's unique. She's beyond valuable. And we think Cobra has her." And Duke is given the mission to go find her, he will operate independently and will inform no one of this mission.

Hawk then continues to debrief Duke on the mission to find Helix. Two months ago she was sent to infiltrate a possible Cobra operation in Tokyo. The mission was a first test of her abilities as an information gatherer as well as a fighter. Her cover was a telekura girl, basically a telephone call girl, her job was to get to know the boss, Koji Soto who they believe is in charge of Cobra's Tokyo operation. Soto, a married man, is known for meeting his girls and they are hoping the Helix can get near him.

One month ago Helix succeeded in getting close to him and one week ago she began missing her scheduled communications.

Now in Tokyo, Duke has been following her trail when he meets a really drunk man who is lonely because they shut down his favorite telekura. Duke proceeds to get the man drunker until he spills what he knows.

Later, Duke is observing a door that two guards are watching, he spots a Cobra tattoo. He walks up and easily takes down the two guards. He makes his way to a back room where he kills another door guard and busts in. He then has a gun placed to the back of his head and recognizes that it is Helix. He calls her by her code name, she is pissed and hits him in the head with the gun knocking him out.

Duke wakes up tied to chair. After he settles down, she unties him and tells him that their new mission is stop her old boss Soto for blowing up the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Soto is being black mailed by Cobra. As the exchange opens, Helix and Duke are waiting in the crowd looking for Soto, when Helix basically freezes as she analyzes all of the data of the crowd, Duke uses the example of a computer slowing down as it process a lot of data. And he says "it was very odd to see in person." Soto arrives with his intestines filled with explosives and a timer watch to set them off. Helix does a really quick move to remove his watch, which deactives the bomb's trigger. Soto is taken into custody and saved. Unfortunately his wife is not, Cobra had killed her a week before and left her in a ditch.

Back at The Pit, Hawk has finished debriefing Duke on Helix. He ends the meeting with saying "I'm afraid I'm not aware of a GI Joe operative with that code name. You did good soldier. You've earned two days of rest from active duty. Go Relax and don't think about work."

Summary by Josh Eggebeen