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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: December 20010
Series: G.I. Joe Season 1
Issue Number: 25

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Brainstorm has figured out how the MASS device works, Mainframe has predicted another Cobra attack and Hawk orders most of the Joe team into action as they raid the mansion of drug lord in a small country that has fallen into anarchy.

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Notes of Interest

First Appearance of Frostbite, Alpine & Low Light.

Major Continuity Differences

Scarlett & Snake Eyes relationship.

A brand new country in the GI Joe IDW universe, Verde.

Major Players

GI Joe: Alpine, Beach Head, Brainstorm, Cover Girl, Dial Tone, Duke, Flint, Frostbite, Hawk, Helix, Labrat, Low Light, Mainframe, Rip Cord, Rock 'n' Roll, Scarlett, Shipwreck, Snake Eyes, Stalker, Thunder, Tripwire, Tunnel Rat

Cobra: Copperback, Dr. Orizama, Storm Shadow

Additional Characters: Oyabun, Yumi (girlfriend of Oyabun), El Jefe, El Jefe's girlfriend, Jorge (El Jefe's helicopter pilot)

Creative Team

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Robert Atkins
Inkers: Clayton Brown & Juan Castro
Colors: Andrew Crossley
Letters: Robbie Robbins
Assistant Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: Andy Schmidt

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artists: Robert Atkins & Clayton Brown, Colors by Andrew Crossley
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Retail Incentive): Artist: Trevor Hutchinson
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Frostbite, Alpine, Low Light, Cover Girl, Rock 'n' Roll and Flint are all geared up for a mission. And waiting in a computer lab for their assignment. When Brainstorm and Dial Tone walk in to inform them that they are not going on a mission. He explains that they figured out how Cobra has been able to successfully teleport. A nano-mite coin sized device that contains their encoded physiognomy along with digital encoded data from all of their guns, grenades, bullets and explosives. Everything that they wear must be scanned and encoded. Rock 'n' Roll, Low Light and Frostbite immediately have reservations about being scanned wearing their live gear. In walks Helix and Snake Eyes, she volunteers both of them to go first. Since they are only able to scan six, Low Light and Frostbite walk away.

Helix is the first in the scanner. Several hours later, Brainstorm wraps up the process by putting the six encoded flash drive type devices in a box in a safe.

In Tokyo, Storm Shadow enters a room of a man sleeping with a woman next to him. He politely wakes him up with urgent information. Oyabun gets out of bed and walks to the window to hear Storm Shadow's report. He confirms that the connection between Cobra and President Ukumba has been severed and that the missing Cobra Viper was taken by Americans. Oyabun informs Storm Shadow that he will report this information to the Commander. And that if he left any guards alive as he entered that he shouldn't as he leaves.

In the middle of the night in the scanning lab of The Pit, Snake Eyes pulls a hidden camera from a corner, he reviews the footage and sees the code Dial Tone types into vault. He enters the vault and proceeds to retrieve the encoded flash drives, Helix surprises him just as he opens the case. Then they hear voices and quickly escape the vault as Brainstorm and Labrat walk in.

Just as they open the vault door, Hawk sends a message over the loud speaker system "All Personnel! Mission update in thirty seconds priority one!" They all leave the lab.

Using video screens throughout The Pit, Hawk, with support from Mainframe, begins the mission brief. Based on a prediction from Mainframe's educated guess system, they have an excellent chance of catching more Cobra soldiers. The Joes all around The Pit begin gearing up as they are headed to Verde, a country near the United States that has an uncertain political future and is currently a police state. Anarchy is currently happening on the street in protest of the government. Since the country is a major drug exporter, they expect Cobra to launch an assault.

Operation: Rodeo will deploy Joe teams Alpha to November and they are airborne in thirty minutes.

On the 4 hour flight, Duke is giving the brief of the mission, Snake Eyes and Helix are sitting next to each other and across from Scarlett, who is just staring at them. Duke interrupts his briefing to break Scarlett's stare. She doesn't appreciate his interruption.

The mission starts with Rip Cord leading team Foxtrot in a jump to secure the airfield. Once the airfield is secure all of the Joe cargo planes will land and off load the personnel, gear and vehicles. Teams Golf through Kilo will set up a perimeter and hold the airfield. Teams Lima through November with remain with the transports as reserve and support. Teams Alpha through Echo will proceed by motorized transport and supported by Predator drones and manned Skyhawks. As teams Alpha through Echo approach the target home of El Jefe, the kingpin of the drug trade in Verde, Foxtrot and Echo guard the rear. As Alpha, Beta, Charlie and Delta advance on the house.

Duke, Rock 'n' Roll, Beach Head, Cover Girl, Tripwire, Helix and Snake Eyes arrive at the top of a cliff over looking the mansion of El Jefe. Outside the mansion is a helicopter, which is being readied to fly, Snake Eyes and Helix parachute down and take out the guards just as El Jefe's girlfriend is about to board. Helix knocks her out as Snake Eyes kills the pilot and 2 guards.

Then Snake Eyes and Helix change the plan and proceed directly into the mansion. In an interior courtyard, El Jefe is leading the cleaning out of his vault and all his valuables. Several Cobra Vipers appear and begin to attack but Helix and Snake Eyes were ready for them and kill almost all of the Vipers. Leaving one alive, Helix forces him to call in the an immediate recall. Which he does.

In Section Zero, Dr. Orizama and Copperback are monitoring the callback. When an operator informs them that instead of six targets being returned there are eight.

Standing in the center of 6 dead Vipers in the middle of Section Zero are Snake Eyes and Helix.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen.