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YoJoe ID: CMC-IDW-22-22

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: September 2010
Series: G.I. Joe Season 1
Issue Number: 22

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The Joes fight to keep control of the massive Cobra submarine Dreadnaught. It's former Captain Vicuna leads a furious attack that Cover Girl, Shipwreck, Keel Haul and Wet Suit are able to repel. Deep Six arrives in the USS Terrapin to secure the Joes successful control of the submarine. And the Baroness gets invited to dinner.

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Alternate Covers

This is first issue that IDW went to just releasing two covers. Cover B is considered a Retail Incentive even though it is it's own individually created cover as compared to the virgin covers usually released as Cover C.

Notes of Interest

Death of Captain Vicuna.

Major Continuity Differences

Major Players

GI Joe: Brainstorm, Cover Girl, Deep Six, Dial Tone, Keel Haul, Mainframe, Rip Cord, Shipwreck, Scarlett, Torpedo, Wet Suit

Cobra: Baroness, Captain Vicuna, Cobra Commander, Destro

Additional Characters: Anatole (Cobra Commander's butler)

Creative Team

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Alex Cal
Colors: Andrew Crossley
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Assistant Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: Andy Schmidt

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artists: Robert Atkins & Clayton Brown, Colors by Andrew Crossley
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Retail Incentive): Artist: Charles Paul Wilson III
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Manatua, an island in the South Pacific, has just been hit by a tsunami that was created from a Cobra nuclear bomb set off at the bottom of an ocean crater near the island. On the island, the Joe team of Scarlett, Rip Cord, Mainframe, Dial Tone and Brainstorm have abandoned their downloading of Cobra information to escape from the on coming wave. Mainframe was swept up in the wave and Scarlett has dived down to get him. She cuts off his backpack, which had tons of the stolen data, to swim him back to the surface, where Rip Cord helps haul both of them up to the swamped land. Dial Tone was able to save a satellite phone and calls the USS Terrapin, which has Deep Six as its Captain. He reports back that his ship barely survived the wave, he has missing crewmen as well as the Chinook helicopter that was supposed to be there evac.

Keel Haul and Torpedo have just successfully captured and resurfaced the massive Cobra submarine Dreadnaught. It has lots of damage but is floating. Wet Suit, still recovering from his head injury, is being attended to by Cover Girl. Shipwreck reports in to Deep Six about their "catch".

Captain Vicuna, the commander of the Dreadnaught, is reporting from his escape submarine to the Baroness. His report includes the successful detonation of the bomb, the creation of the wave that hit Manatua as well as losing the Dreadnaught. He tells her that they were boarded by some Americans and last he saw it was headed to the bottom of the ocean. The Baroness corrects him that she is receiving signals from the Dreadnaught and that it is on the surface communicating with the US Navy. Cobra Commander interrupts screaming at Vicuna to take back the Dreadnaught immediately or lose his life.

Cobra Commander is satisfied with the destruction of the data well on Manatua but at the cost of Dreadnaught. He admits his mistake of thinking that the remote location of Manatua was enough to protect it. And he is very concerned that the Joes may have gained to much information. But he walks out of the room, telling the Baroness to come to his private chambers later, he has made a change in the Cobra hierarchy. She smiles.

On Manatua, the Joes scout the island and discover the destroyed Chinook helicopter, no survivors. Deep Six reports that it will be awhile before he can arrange a pick up. His priority is helping gain control of the Dreadnaught. He tells Scarlett to enjoy her day at the beach.

On the deck of the Dreadnaught, Shipwreck and Cover Girl are enjoying the fresh air and inspecting the hull, when they discover a compartment that isn't accessible from the interior of the sub. Torpedo, from the command center, figures out how to open it and does. Inside is a Cobra helicopter. Shipwreck radios to Keel Haul wanting to confirm that he knows how to fly a helicopter.

Mainframe is inspecting the Cobra data well site. And reports to Scarlett that all of it has been destroyed. Brainstorm also reports that an of the data fluid was washed away, but Cobra has to have many more of these data wells. And since their pick up isn't coming anytime soon, he picks up a dead fish on the beach and points out that they won't starve.

Keel Haul, flying the helicopter over Dreadnaught, spots two dark shapes in the water nearing the Dreadnaught. Shipwreck orders the Joes to prepare to repel borders. Wet Suit mans a mini Gatlin gun on the deck with help from Cover Girl.

Captain Vicuna has launch his divers at the big submarine as Keel Haul fires two torpedoes at the Cobra subs. One of the subs surfaces right by Wet Suit and he is shot in legs, Cover Girl mans the mini gun and a furious fire fight happens between the two subs. On the other side of the Dreadnaught, Shipwreck attacks several of the divers as they surface. Cover Girl using the full automatic power of her gun, kills numerous Cobra soldiers but runs out of ammunition. She comments "never enough bullets". A Cobra soldier shoots her in the back. Shipwreck comes rushing over and attacks the soldier, they get in a knife fight with the knife at Shipwreck's throat.

Both of Keel Haul's torpedoes missed so he flies over the deck of the Cobra submarine and drops two grenades right on top of the conning tower. Captain Vicuna ducks for cover from the explosions. The sub now seriously damaged begins to roll over.

Cover Girl's body armor saved her and she returns the favor by shooting the Cobra soldier that shot her and returns Shipwreck's life saving favor by saving his life.

Captain Vicuna bleeding in multiple places elects to go down with his submarine, preferring that option to a death at the hands of Cobra Commander for his failure to recapture the Dreadnaught.

On the deck, Wet Suit bleeding bad has both Shipwreck and Cover Girl trying to stabilize his bleeding. They don't think they can save him without medical supplies. Cover Girl looks over her shoulder and sees the USS Terrapin arrive off the side of the submarine. Wet Suit will survive and the Joes now completely control the massive Cobra submarine Dreadnaught and all of the secrets that Cobra has hidden within it.

On Manatua, the Joes talk about the TV show Gilligan's Island as they relax on the beach when their ride home finally arrives.

The Baroness, dressed in a very revealing evening gown, arrives at Cobra Commander's private quarters. Anatole, his butler, greets her and has her sit at a table set for two. She expects to be given information on future plans. To her surprise Destro walks in. He is still wearing his metal silver mask, apparently the containment suit and is dressed in a very fashionable blue suit with a Cobra logo on his lapel.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen.