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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: January 2010
Series: G.I. Joe Season 1
Issue Number: 14

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Snake Eyes gets lessons in how fighting is more then just physical action from the Hard Master. Duke, Scarlett and Bazooka are sent to retrieve a Professor Gerry Orizama who is a prominent scientist that Brainstorm believes Cobra is after. As the Joes arrive to talk to the professor, a Cobra strike team dressed with animals heads attacks and successfully captures the Professor.

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Notes of Interest

First Appearance of Bazooka.

On a truck outside the Hard Master's deli has "P.Kost Moving and Shipping" on its side. This is reference to Phil Kost the webmaster of the GI Joe Reloaded Comic Book Forum.

Major Continuity Differences

The Hard Master is alive and currently still teaching Snake Eyes.

Major Players

GI Joe: Ace, Bazooka, Brainstorm, Duke, Hawk, Scarlett, Snake Eyes

Cobra: Baroness, Destro, Dr. Mindbender, "Blacklight" (Wolfhead Cobra soldier)

Additional Characters: Hard Master, Prof Dr. Gerry Orizama, Teena

Creative Team

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Robert Atkins
Inker: Clayton Brown
Colors: Andrew Crossley
Letterer: Robbie Robbins
Assistant Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: Andy Schmidt

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artists: David Williams, Colors by Kelsey Shannon
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Artist Robert Atkins, Colors by Andrew Crossley
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (Retail Incentive, Virgin Cover): Artist: David Williams, Colors by Kelsey Shannon
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

The Hard Master, Snake Eyes' martial arts teacher, has a bow with an arrow pointed at Snake Eyes, who is hidden behind a sheet hanging on a wire on the roof of a New York City apartment. Snake Eyes has come to the Hard Master to recover both physically and mentally from his recent battle with a equally lethal Cobra soldier in Springfield. (see GI Joe #10) The Hard Master tells Snake Eyes that physical injuries heal much quicker then the mental injuries. Snake Eyes allowed his enemy into his soul. Snake Eyes needs to heal his soul. An arrow flies through the sheet and Snake Eyes catches it, three more quickly follow and Snake Eyes catches them all. This ends the current session of Snake Eyes recovery.

At The Pit, Brainstorm is briefing Duke, Scarlett and Bazooka on Professor Gerry Orizama. The professor is the director of the super-kuzuki neutrino mass project at Robillard College. Basically, Orizama is the best in his field of teleportation and Brainstorm believes that Cobra is going to need him to successfully complete the MASS Device that they are creating. Hawk steps into the room and tells the three of them to suit up they are going on a mission to bring in Dr. Orizama. They meet up changed into civilian clothing and Ace flies them out. On the helicopter Duke makes a few comments about Scarlett's recent interactions with Snake Eyes and the fact that he has left again. Scarlett then puts Duke in his place.

At the Hard Master's deli in NYC, Snake Eyes is working cleaning the floor when the Hard Master throws three cans at him Snake Eyes catches them all. He says to him "I do not take many students, even less make it through my lessons. See what I saw in you". He goes on to talk about how pride can be a petty thing that needs to be left behind. And he needs to conquer all fear because fear is the deadliest weapon of all.

At Robillard College, Bazooka is driving a Mustang as he drops off Duke & Scarlett to go in to get Dr. Orizama. Once they are inside, a van pulls up and 3 men and woman get out wearing masks of a pig, mouse, duck and wolf. Bazooka radios to Duke that he has company on the way as he steps out of the car. Duke & Scarlett find and grab Dr. Orizama as Bazooka confronts the masked figures. They open fire on him hitting his bulletproof vest and him at the same time.

At the Hard Master's deli, Snake Eyes is asked by a customer for help, Snake Eyes just stares at him giving him no answer. In walks Teena and her boyfriend, They start arguing and he grabs her but she pushes him away and runs out of the store. Snake Eyes follows and the Hard Master just watches him follow them.

Bazooka and the masked wolf figure are having a prolonged gun fight out in the street as the pig, duck, mouse enter the building to find Dr. Orizama. Scarlett escorts him out the back as Duke attacks the three of them. Campus security arrives to help Bazooka but the Wolfhead figure throws a grenade that blows up the security vehicle. Bazooka bleeding calls Brainstorm at The Pit to report the attack.

Snake Eyes follows Teena & her boyfriend out to the street as they go behind a moving truck. There she knocks down her boyfriend and he apologizes saying "Damn and I paid for your akido." Teena says to Snake Eyes "What are you looking at?". He just turns around and walks away. The Hard Master is waiting for him to return and points out that his pride got in the way, again. And this is how he let his enemy into his heart and what has caused him more damage then anything physical. The Hard Master asks him "Is there anyone you've let in that gives you strength. Anyone who you trust that much."

Scarlett is racing with Dr. Orizama out the back of the building with Duke on their heals giving cover fire. Then canisters of gas are rolled into the hallway knocking all three of them out. In walks the Wolfhead figure who points the gun at the unconscious Scarlett and is hit in the back by Bazooka firing a shotgun. Wolfhead turns around firing hitting Bazooka a couple of times. He grabs Dr. Orizama and points the gun at Scarlett again and fires but he is out of bullets. Using the codename of Backlight he contacts Cobra for retrieval of the Professor. He straps a balloon rig the professor as a helicopter comes flying in and grabs the balloon with the professor attached to it. Wolfhead then turns around and disappears.

At section Zero, Baroness receives confirmation that Dr. Orizama has been captured. Dr. Mindbender says it was an unnecessary risk to expose Cobra so publicly for him. But Destro reassures her that the benefits will be greater then any risks.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen