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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: October 2008
Series: G.I. Joe Season 1
Issue Number: 0

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One Word - A four man GI Joe team infiltrates a cargo ship.

In or Out? - Hawk puts Duke to a test.

Deep Cover- A brief history of Chuckles and his new meeting.

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Notes of Interest

A special Preview issue, includes 3 6 page stories from the different up coming GI Joe comic series from IDW. Stories from GI Joe, GI Joe Origins, GI Joe Cobra.

One Word - First appearance by Duke, Flint, Torpedo and Beach Head.

In or Out? - First appearance of Hawk.

Deep Cover - First appearance of Chuckles.

Major Players

One Word - GI Joe -- Duke, Flint, Torpedo and Beach Head

In or Out? - GI Joe - Hawk, Duke

Deep Cover - GI Joe - Chuckles, Hawk

Creative Team

"One Word" Writer: Chuck Dixon Artist: Robert Atkins Colorist: Andrew Crossley

"In or Out?" Writer: Larry Hama Art and Color: Tom Feister

"Deep Cover" Writers: Mike Costa and Christos N. Gage Artist: Antonio Fuso Colorist: Chris Chuckry

Design & Lettering: Neil Uyetake Editor: Andy Schmidt

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Cover Credits:

Cover A: Artists: Robert Atkins and Chris Sotomayor
Cover Company: IDW Publishing

Cover B: Artist: Jonboy Meyers Colors: Chris Smith and Scott Kester
Cover Company: IDW Publishing

Cover C: (Retail Incentive A, RI-A) (Sketch) Artists: Robert Atkins and Chris Sotomayor
Cover Company: IDW Publishing

Cover D: (Retail Incentive B, RI-B) (Wraparound) Artist: Ben Templesmith
Cover Company: IDW Publishing

Full Details

One Word - Duke leads Flint, Beach Head and Torpedo into an incursion of ship in a harbor Istanbul. The ship has suspected illegal arms which are bound for the US. A group of crew members are going through several of the containers. One of them finds a rocket launcher. The Joe team makes there swift attack on them, easily capturing them. But the guy with the rocket launcher fires it into the cargo hold causing the ship to blow up. Once clear and in the water, the Joe team finds the rocket launcher guy barely alive. After being asked a couple of questions, he answers with only one word "Cobra".

In or Out?- Hawk is questioning a slightly injured soldier as he assembles a pistol. The soldier relays an event where his convoy was ambushed and he was the only survivor. Hawk awards him a Silver Star and Purple Heart medal and adds the comment they are being awarded posthumously. The soldier is then asked a question "Are you in or out?" The pistol is half assembled. The soldier begins asking questions about what is going on, what will he be doing, what kind of covert unit is this and that he has a sister. Hawk just answers "you will be defending the Constitution." The pistol is assembled and loaded. The soldier now under pressure makes the decision by saying "I'm in". Hawk stands up, hands him the pistol and tells him that his old name doesn't exist anymore and his new name is Duke, then walks out of the room.

Deep Cover - Chuckles walking down an alley is thinking back to some of his other aliases as Jackson Wright in Laotian minefields, Derrick Attell with the Taliban and as Marcus Quinn a security guard for a Colombian drug lord just as two thugs walk up to him. Chuckles quickly takes both of them out. As he finishes, a man in a blue suit walks up asking to meet the next day in a bar. He even acknowledges that he is aware of different aliases. Over his shoulder in a window in the far building is a sniper. Chuckles, currently Mr. Lange, agrees to the meeting. A little later he makes a secure call to Hawk informing him of the meeting with the mysterious man in a blue suit from a mysterious organization. Hawk tells him that this is the last communication until he is pulled out. Chuckles hangs up and burns his US passport.