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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: June 2009
Series: G.I. Joe Season 1
Issue Number: 6

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Destro uses the M.A.S.S. device to transport onto Nico Mandirobilis' ship in which Snake Eyes is currently interrogating him. After Mandirobilis is killed by Destro, Snake Eyes almost kills Destro as he is teleported back to his Castle. Hawk has discovered that Scarlett is dealing with Snake Eyes who has gone rogue. And in the return trip, Destro in order to save his life is forced to live inside a metal suit with a silver metal mask.

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Notes of Interest

Announcement from editor Andy Schmidt that a GI Joe letters page will be appearing in the next issue.

Destro gets his silver mask.

Major Continuity Differences

Destro's mask isn't part of his family history.

Major Players

GI Joe: Dial Tone, Hawk, Scarlett, Snake Eyes

Cobra: Destro, Baroness, Rory, Glynis

Additional Characters: Nico Mandirobilis

Creative Team

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Robert Atkins
Inker: Clayton Brown
Colors: Andrew Crossley
Letters: Robbie Robbins
Editor: Andy Schmidt

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Dave Johnson
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Artist Robert Atkins
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (Retail Incentive, Virgin Cover): Artist: Dave Johnson
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

In the Pit, Hawk is briefing Dial Tone about his discovery that a Joe has gone rogue, that Joe is Snake Eyes. A year ago in Rangoon, Snake Eyes' team went MIA and last month they started getting hints that Snake Eyes was still alive. Hawk has confirmation that Scarlett has known about him and been keeping backdoor communication open with him. This really pisses off Hawk. Scarlett should have shared this information with him and he wants to find Snake Eyes. As a side note Hawk mentions that only two Joes have ever left the Joes alive, one is Snake Eyes.

Meanwhile, Snake Eyes is on a jet ski chasing a freighter. He is in the South China Sea and jumps aboard the freighter.

At Castle Destro, Destro is explaining to the Baroness how he has a very valuable weapon that could benefit Cobra. It's called the M.A.S.S. Device (Multipoint Asynchronous Subether Station). This very high tech expensive technology is a transport device. And Destro is going to demonstrate how it works by solving the conflict between Cobra and him. He is going to teleport to the ship that Nico Mandirobilis is on, the shipping owner who has given away details of Cobra, and remove him. Destro believes this demonstration with help forge a new partnership with generous terms between Cobra and MARS Industries and the House of Destro.

Back on the ship, Snake Eyes has easily gained access to Mandirobilis room. He holds Mandirobilis at sword point as he connects a laptop to Scarlett. In the Pit, Dial Tone and Scarlett are downloading all of the files from his computer. Scarlett asks Mandirobilis to highlight any and all files regarding Cobra. Which he does.

Destro now suited up in military dress, actually it turns out that he is the mystery man that just appeared in the first issue (GI Joe #1), although his weapon of choice is a high tech and very deadly version of a dart gun. Basically, the MASS device works by disassembling an object or person that is then transported to a satellite and relayed to the destination. It allows someone to travel all the way across the world in 3 seconds. But it still in the testing stages.

Snake Eyes and Scarlett are just finishing with Mandirobilis when a mist starts to appear. Snake Eyes slams Nico's face into the laptop and puts away his sword and pulls out his Uzi. Destro, who surprisingly has a similar outfit to Snake Eyes, immediately begins firing at both of them. Nico is able to escape the room a gun fight erupts.

As the fight moves to the deck of the ship, Nico is caught and killed in the cross fire. Snake Eyes, as he also fires his Uzi, cuts the chains that hold the large cargo containers on the deck. The containers begin to slide around on the deck and Destro is totally on the defensive now. He calls back to Rory his assistant in his Castle to get him out of there.

Back in The Pit, Scarlett's line has gone dead as the computer was trashed. But they got the data. Hawk enters the room with several guards and says "You're under arrest."

At Castle Destro, Destro has been teleported back but there is a complication. The beam received some interference which means that Destro's physical structure is breaking down. Rory rushes him to the containment field. The containment field is a press that a body fits into once closed they can electrify it, the electricity should reset his structure. But it does not work exactly as expected. So in order to save Destro he is forced to wear a metal containment suit. This suit made of silver metal covers his entire body. Destro now has his silver mask.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen.