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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: February 2009
Series: G.I. Joe Season 1
Issue Number: 2

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In the Pit, lots of research is happening: Shipwreck's box, Brainstorm's BET canon, Snake Eyes' gun and powder. Destro, in his castle, is remotely monitoring Dusty's team researching the mysterious box and then he activates it. Stalker in the Philippines is tracking down Nico the wrecked ship's owner. And the Baroness infiltrates Castle Destro.

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Alternate Covers

Issue 2B, (This Adam Hughes cover was originally created to be released with GI Joe America's Elite #17, See that issue read the story behind scenes story of this cover)

Issue 2C is a 2 page wraparound cover that can be used as a poster version of Cover B

Notes of Interest

This is a new continuity.

First Appearance of Destro, Baroness, Stalker, Recondo, Leatherneck, Recondo, Sparks.

Wild Bill's name is referenced. Introduction of Joes Brainstorm (Ward Michaelmas) & Bankshot. Introduction of Destro's assistants Rory & Glynis Death of Bankshot.

Major Continuity Differences

Major Players

GI Joe: Hawk, Scarlett, Stalker, Hawk, Duke, Leatherneck, Recondo, Dusty, Airtight, Frostbite, Flint, Dial Tone, Sparks, Brainstorm, Bankshot & Snake Eyes

Cobra: Destro, Baroness, Rory, Glynis

Additional Characters: Nico Mandirobilis, Nestor

Creative Team

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Robert Atkins
Inkers: Clayton Brown & John Wycough
Colorist: Andrew Crossley
Letterer: Robbie Robbins
Editor: Andy Schmidt

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Cover Credits Cover A: Artist: Dave Johnson
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Artist: Adam Hughes
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C: (Retail Incentive, Wraparound Poster Version)

Artist: Adam Hughes
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

In The Pit, the B.E.T. (Broadcast Energy Teleporter) is being tested by new Joe Brainstorm. He successfully shows Hawk that a radio can be powered solely by a burst of energy from the BET cannon. Dusty enters after Hawk leaves to ask for some help analyzing the mysterious box that Shipwreck's team recovered from a wrecked ship. (GI Joe #1)

In the Philippines, Stalker, Leatherneck & Recondo are being guided by Nestor in there hunt for Nico Mandirobilis, the owner of the wrecked ship. They spot him and his bodyguard's start firing at the Joes as Nico takes off running down an alley. The bodyguard's are run over as they follow him down the alley. Above on the top of the building, a dark gloved hand cuts the ropes holding the laundry which then falls on the front window of the truck Nestor is driving causing him to wreck and allowing Nico to get away. As the Joes get out of the over turned truck, Stalker spots a figure in black with a sword jump from the top of building.

Back at The Pit, Duke confronts Scarlett about why Stalker's team was sent to the Philippines instead of his team. Her response "Don't go there, Duke. My advice to you? Enjoy your down time." A little later, Scarlett talks with Doc who is analyzing the gun and powder that was sent her from Snake Eyes from the Nico's house in Yalta. The gun is made of ceramics and plastic polymers, completely free of metal. The bullets it fired, using compressed air, where actually needles, just as deadly. It is a mystery why something like this would be made. The powder contains minerals found in the human body. And both the gun and powder are slowly disintegrating on a molecular level.

In another part of The Pit, Brainstorm, along with Dusty, Airtight and Frostbite, is using some highly classified scanning equipment to analyze the box. As Brainstorm stares at the box, on a video screen in Castle Destro, Destro and his two assistants Rory and Glynis are watching. They recognize Brainstorm as Ward Michaelmas, former head of Physics at the Chicago University who died in a single car collision five years ago. Destro and his assistants have stumbled upon mystery and expect it is something big. Destro then asks them how they can get a signal but can't track where the location of the box actually is. The have deduced it is underground and the GPS signal is blocked. Meanwhile, in the water under the Castle, a woman sneaks in, dumps her scuba gear, puts on her glasses and we have are first introduction of the Baroness. Then Brainstorm and Dusty's team call it day with cutting the box apart on the schedule for the next day, they leave and turn out the lights. Destro's team active the box which divides into two robots that are seen in shadow and begin exploring The Pit.

A new Joe Bankshot and Sparks are in there room talking about what video they want to watch tonight. Bankshot walks out to go to Wild Bill's room and runs into one of the robots, which fires it guns killing Bankshot. Sparks, Flint & Cover Girl come charging out their rooms with their guns.

Back at Castle Destro, Destro is on the roof adjusting the satellite feed, when the Baroness with gun point at him calls him by his name James McCullen and then asks "Or do you prefer - Destro?"

Summary by Josh Eggebeen