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IDW's Miscellaneous

IDW's Miscellaneous comics section includes: the novel Tales From the Cobra Wars (which has original stories within the IDW continuity), Cobra Commander Tribute, J. Scott Campbell Pin Up Poster Book, EA Preview comic, Free Comic Book Day (IDW continuity Volume 1), Combat Heroes and 100 Penny Press. In 2017, a reprint of Marvel #1 ARAH was released at the NC Comic Con and a reprint of Marvel #21 ARAH at the Flower City Comic Con all with original covers.

Issue #Anthology

Issue #Pin-Up Book

Issue #Free Comic '09

Issue #Helix Preview

Issue #Combat Heroes

Issue #Tribute

Issue #100 Penny Cobra

Issue #100 Penny G.I. Joe 1

Issue #NC Comicon 2017

Issue #Flower City Con 2017