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Classic G.I.Joe: Special Missions,Yearbook,Transformers Reprints

Between June 2010 & August 2011, Classic G.I.Joe: Special Missions were released in the Trade Paperback format. All 28 original Marvel ARAH stories are collected in 4 issues. Also, in this section are 3 GI Joe and the Transformers (starting in Aug, 2012, which includes the 1 Marvel & 4 Devil's Due series) TPBs and one GI Joe Yearbook TPB (Jan, 2012).

Issue #Special Missions TPB 1

Issue #Special Missions TPB 2

Issue #Special Missions TPB 3

Issue #Special Missions TPB 4

Issue #Yearbook

Issue #GI Joe/Transformers #1

Issue #GI Joe/Transformers #2

Issue #GI Joe/Transformers #3