G.I.Joe Homages and Parodies

Throughout the history of art, artists have been inspired by what has come before, and G.I.Joe artists have been no exception. Inspiration has been pulled from real world images, previous G.I.Joe (and other) comics and G.I.Joe toy packaging. G.I.Joe comics have also inspired other comic images. Below you will see some examples of this.

For the purposes of this article, we will refrain from calling any of the images "swipes" as we don't know what the artists' original intent was.

G.I.Joe #1 / G.I.Jackrabbits #1 / G.I.Joe TPB #1
Accessory Packs 1-4 / Collector Carrying Case
Cardgame / Notebook / Poster / Mini Lunchbox

The cover of G.I.Joe #1 (Marvel) was parodied with the cover of G.I.Jackrabbits #1 and paid homage by J. Scott Campbell for the cover of the first volume of the G.I.Joe Trade Paperback (Marvel). Hasbro also used the image for Accessory Pack #1, Accessory Pack #2, Accessory Pack #3, Accessory Pack #4 and the Official Collector Display Case. The image also appeared on the G.I.Joe Card Game, Notepad, Mobile Strike Force Poster and Mini Lunchbox.

Iwo Jima Photograph / G.I.Joe #1 Page 1 / Stars and Stripes Forever
Adventure Board Game / Stars and Stripes Forever Poster / G.I.Joe Magazine #1
Unofficial Collector Mag / Declassified #1 Exclusive

The classic image of soldiers raising the U.S. Flag on Iwo Jima has been used by G.I.Joe artists multiple times, starting with the first page of G.I.Joe #1 (Marvel). The flag was raised again on the Stars and Stripes Forever boxed set (art from poster below), Adventure Board Game, G.I.Joe Magazine #1, Stars and Stripes Forever Poster, the Unofficial G.I.Joe Collectors' Magazine, and finally on the G.I.Joe Declassified #3 YoJoe.com exclusive cover.

G.I.Joe #53 / Boris the Bear #9

Snake Eyes was replaced by a bear as G.I.Joe #53 (Marvel) was parodied by Boris the Bear #9 (Dark Horse Comics).

G.I.Joe #21 / Deadpool #42

In 2000, Marvel released Deadpool #42 with a parody of the cover of G.I.Joe #21. From the solicitation text for Deadpool #42: "A silent (but deadly) interlude! In this homage to the classic G.I. JOE "silent issue", the Merc-With-A-Mouth becomes the Merc-Without-A-Mouth when he faces off against the psychotic villainy of... Humbug?!" Both of these silent issues led Marvel to announce that December 2001 would be 'Nuff Said Month, when most of their titles were written as silent stories.

Spider-Man #1 / G.I.Joe Special #1

Todd McFarlane rocketed to popularity drawing Spider-Man, and his cover to Spider-Man #1 was paid homage when Marvel reprinted his previously unused art for G.I.Joe #61 in G.I.Joe Special #1.

Yearbook #1 / Data Desk Handbook

Devil's Due updated the cover originally from G.I.Joe Yearbook #1 for their G.I.Joe Data Desk Handbook cover.

Yearbook #2 / G.I.Joe #1

Devil's Due started their run with homage to G.I.Joe Yearbook #2 on the cover of G.I.Joe #1 (DD).

Yearbook #2 / New Mutants #94

Michael Golden contributed this pin-up of Roadblock in G.I.Joe Yearbook #2 which was referenced by Rob Liefeld for the cover of New Mutants #94.

G.I.Joe #116 / Star Brigade Destro

Michael Golden's Destro from Marvel's G.I.Joe #116 showed up on the Star Brigade Destro packaging.

Sci-Fi / X-Men Annual #10

Cannonball borrowed Sci-Fi's helmet for the cover of X-Men Annual #10, with art by Art Adams.

Uncle Sam / Action Force #3 / Frontline #17

Uncle Sam, Flint and Beachhead all want you! Uncle Sam wants you in the Army, Flint wants you to buy Action Force #3, and Beachhead wants you to read G.I.Joe Frontline #17.

Justice League #1 / G.I.Joe #39

The new Joe team strikes the Justice League #1 pose on the cover of G.I.Joe #39 (DD). For more examples of this arrangement, see the Image Comics Message Board.

Fall of the Mutants / G.I.Joe #42

The Fall of the Mutants Trade Paperback from Marvel was used as the basis for the cover of G.I.Joe #42 (DD).

Captain America Comics #1 / America's Elite #1D

Hitler has been replaced by Cobra Commander, and Captain America by Snake Eyes in the reproduction of Captain America Comics #1 used on the G.I.Joe America's Elite #1 Graham Crackers exclusive cover.

America's Elite #1 / America's Elite #14

America's Elite #14 (DD) shows the Phoenix Guard posed the same as the G.I.Joe team from America's Elite #1 (DD).

America's Elite #8 / America's Elite #16

The white and black of Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes contrast in these companion pieces from G.I.Joe America's Elite #8 and G.I.Joe America's Elite #16.

G.I.Joe #116 / America's Elite #21

Destro is a wanted man in G.I.Joe #116 and Baroness is a wanted woman in G.I.Joe America's Elite #21.

Snake Eyes Action Figure / G.I.Joe Declassified #1B
Scarlett Action Figure / G.I.Joe Declassified #2B
Cobra Commander Action Figure / G.I.Joe Declassified #3B

For the G.I.Joe Declassified series, Devil's Due recreated the original packaging of Snake Eyes, Scarlett and Cobra Commander on the covers of G.I.Joe Declassified #1B, G.I.Joe Declassified #2B and G.I.Joe Declassified #3B.

S.A.W. Viper weapon / Youngblood Genesis #1 Art
H.E.A.T. Viper weapon / Youngblood Genesis #1 Art
Dodger weapon / Youngblood Genesis #1 Art

Youngblood must be raiding G.I.Joe and Cobra's munitions, as they and their enemies have been seen using the S.A.W. Viper, H.E.A.T. Viper and Dodger's weapons in Youngblood Genesis #1 (pencils by Chad Walker and Eric Walker, inks and finishes by Rob Liefeld).

Thanks to YoJoe Forum member mirage-army for noticing the Youngblood Genesis #1 weapon usage!

Please contact us if you find any other examples that could be added!

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