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Publisher: Hasbro
Issue Date: 2005
Series: 3 3/4" Comic Packs (Reprints, 2004-2006)
Issue Number: Ninja Battles

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The history of the Arashikage clan is revealed as Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow need to work together to rescue their apprentices.

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Major Players

Iron Master, Tiger Claw, Snake Eyes, Jinx, Kamakura, Storm Shadow, Slice, Slash, The Hard Master, Black Dragon, Black Dragon Troopers, Shadow Strike, Duke, Scarlett, Baroness, Destro

Creative Team


Full Details

The Iron Master, swordsmith of the Arashikage Clan, looks deep into mystical jewels and sees what transpires.

At a Ninja Dojo in the Sierra Mountains, a ninja apprentice named Tiger Claw is kidnapped while Jinx and Snake Eyes are distracted. At the same time in a Red Ninja Temple in Tibet, Storm Shadow, Slice, and Slash discover that Storm Shadow's apprentice, Shadow Strike, has also been kidnapped. Both Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow receive a mysterious message stating "Arashikage Dojo, Midnight" and the ninjas head to Japan.

The Iron Master then delves into the history of the Arashikage Clan, mentioning the four trials, and that Storm Shadow's father, the Hard Master was killed by an assassin. Storm Shadow believes that Snake Eyes caused his father's death, and now serves Cobra Commander.

The Iron Master says that long before Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes began their training, a similar rift was formed between himself and his sword brother, the Black Dragon. The Black Dragon began to rely on guns and failed his ninja training, forming his own army. Black Dragon now looks to gain power from the medallions held by the two apprentices, Shadow Strike and Tiger Claw.

Duke and Scarlett make an appearance discussing the whereabouts of their ninja friend, as do Baroness and Destro (Destro mistakenly calls Storm Shadow's apprentice Quick Strike).

In Japan, Iron Master informs Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow that they must work together to rescue their apprentices. The Iron Master had sent the mysterious messages.

In the Black Dragon's volcano fortress in Peru, Black Dragon reveals his plan. Unite the two medallion halves under the light of the fire moon and gain control over the very heart of the Arashikage. Hearing this, Tiger Claw and Shadow Strike agree to work together to escape. Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes arrive in Peru with Jinx, Kamakura, Slice, and Slash. Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes stop Black Dragon from harnessing the power of the medallions.

Inside the fortress, Tiger Claw and Shadow Strike escape and battle Black Dragon Troopers with the help of Jinx, Kamakura, Slice, and Slash. Snake Eyes saves Storm Shadow from being knocked into hot lava, and then the two work together to knock Black Dragon in. All the ninjas reunite, and state that the next time they meet it will be as enemies, and the last panel shows Black Dragon's hand emerging from the lava.

Notes- Throughout the issue, Shadow Strike appears in a different design than the one shown for the action figure. Shadow Strike's comic attire looks more like Tiger Claw's or Kamakura's, and Slash's comic attire looks like Shadow Strike's action figure. Also, Slice appears in an older uniform, not the one used for the most recent action figures.