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Publisher: Hasbro
Issue Date: 2008
Series: 25th Anniversary Comic Packs (Original Stories, 2008-2009)
Issue Number: 5

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Shipwreck battles Copperhead on the high seas.

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Notes of Interest

Mixes vehicles from the Valor vs Venom era with the vintage 80s line.

Major Players

Shipwreck, Copperhead, Roadblock, Torpedo, Admiral Keel-Haul, Cobra Commander, Dr. Mindbender, Dial-Tone, Cutter, Ace

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama, Pencils: Jeremy Dale, Lettering: Jim 'KEP!' Keplinger, Coloring: Rob Ruffolo, Editor: Aaron Hubrich, Publisher: Hasbro, Producer: Conceptopolis

Full Details

Included with a two pack of figures featuring the following:

On the USS Flagg, Roadblock hoists down a Pirahna boat as Shipwreck watches. In the command deck, Admiral Keel-Haul expresses his concern to Torpedo about having Shipwreck patrol for the Flagg. Torpedo vouches for Shipwreck. On Cobra Island, Cobra Commander informs Copperhead of the importance of his mission, as Copperhead takes off in a Moray.

Shipwreck reports an all-clear back to the Flagg when Dial-Tone reports Rattlers attacking. Ace takes on the Rattlers with the Skystriker, but Shipwreck remains the sole support for the Flagg on the water. At that moment, two torpedoes race by, headed for the Flagg. Shipwreck takes out one with the machine gun, but misses the second. He steers into the path of the torpedo, intending to take it out himself. Fortunately, the torpedo had not yet activated the explosive charge, and only collided with the Pirahna. Copperhead arrives in the Moray and rams the Pirahna, destroying it. Shipwreck bails out, and as Copperhead makes another pass, grapples on and boards the Moray. Shipwreck and Copperhead fight, with Copperhead momentarily gaining the edge.

Copperhead again turns his attention to attacking the Flagg, but Shipwreck isn't quite out of the fight. Shipwreck eventually defeats Copperhead, driving the Moray back to the Flagg.

Summary by Phillip Donnelly