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Publisher: Hasbro
Issue Date: 2008
Series: 25th Anniversary Comic Packs (Original Stories, 2008-2009)
Issue Number: 21B

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Snake Eyes rescues Scarlett from the Silent Castle.

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Notes of Interest

Another silent issue taking place between the pages of Marvel's Issue #21 "Silent Interlude".

Major Players

Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Scarlett, Destro, Cobra Commander

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama, Pencils: Jeremy Dale, Lettering: Jim 'KEP!' Keplinger, Coloring: Kieran Oats, Editor: Aaron Hubrich, Publisher: Hasbro, Producer: Conceptopolis

Full Details

Included with a two pack of figures featuring the following:

A C-130 piloted by Wild Bill tracks Storm Shadow and the kidnapped Scarlett on their CLAW. Wild Bill's passenger, Snake Eye's prepares to bail out. At the Slient Castle, Destro watches Storm Shadow chain Scarlett in the dungeon over the security cameras. An alert warns Destro of radar masking. As a Cobra soldier watches the C-130 fly overhead from the castle parapet, Snake Eyes makes his descent.

Storm Shadow enters the security room where Destro sits. They see on one of the cameras that Scarlett has already escaped her chains. Storm Shadow grabs a katana and leaves.

Snake Eyes lands and fights the guard on the parapet. Scarlett makes her way through the castle, hiding from Cobras and Storm Shadow, stumbling upon two Cobras handling a CLAW. At the same time, Snake Eyes makes his way through the castle, Destro confers with Cobra Commander over a viewscreen, and the Red Ninjas emerge from their place of hiding. Scarlett secures the CLAW and pilots it through the halls of the castle, causing chaos among the Cobra troops before escaping through an open window. As Snake Eyes battles the Red Ninjas and Storm Shadow, the fight brings them out onto the castle parapet once more. The Cobras and Destro make their way up. On the parapet, an unarmed Snake Eyes faces down Storm Shadow and his katana when Scarlett flies by with the CLAW. She grabs onto Snake Eyes and flies away just as Storm Shadow throws his katana at them. Destro and the others arrive a moment too late.

As Snake Eyes and Scarlett make their way back to the C-130, the wrappings on Storm Shadow's forearm come loose, revealing his Arashikage tattoo.

Summary by Phillip Donnelly