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YoJoe ID: CMC-HAS-1982-22MINUTE-02

Publisher: Hasbro
Issue Date: 2009
Series: 25th Anniversary Comic Packs (Original Stories, 2008-2009)
Issue Number: 2

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Tunnel Rat battles Storm Shadow in the depths of the Flagg.

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Notes of Interest

This issue was originally titled "High and Low."

Major Players

Tunnel Rat, Storm Shadow, Admiral Keel-Haul, Shipwreck, Cutter, Torpedo

Creative Team Script: Larry Hama, Pencils: Diego Jourdan, Coloring: Miguel Marques, Cover coloring: Gil Vicente, Publisher: Hasbro, Producer: IDW

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama, Pencils: Diego Jourdan, Coloring: Miguel Marques, Cover coloring: Gil Vicente, Publisher: Hasbro, Producer: IDW

Full Details

Included with a two pack of figures featuring the following:

Storm Shadow (v28)
Tunnel Rat (v10)

Tunnel Rat discovers a bomb within the U.S.S. Flagg. Over the radio, Admiral Keel Haul notes there are bound to be more, and Tunnel Rat agrees. He finds the others, noting that if any blow, they all will. Removing the detonator from one, he realizes it is motion sensitive. At that moment, he drops his wire snips.

The bouncing snips echo through the halls, alerting Storm Shadow as he plants another bomb. Storm Shadow finds the duct with Tunnel Rat and assembles his guandao. Inside the duct, Tunnel Rat stabilizes the detonator just before Storm Shadow attacks. Jabbing his guandao into the duct, Tunnel Rat sticks to the top of the duct to avoid the thrusts.

He fires his rifle at the bottom of the duct, forcing Storm Shadow to jump back. Dropping out of the hole he just made, Tunnel Rat pursues Storm Shadow. Before he can reload, Storm Shadow attacks with his katana. Using his rifle as a staff, Tunnel Rat holds him off until both weapons break.

Keel Haul radios to ask is shots were fired, though Tunnel Rat assures him the ammo won't compromise hull integrity. He fires his pistol at Storm Shadow before he vanishes in the shadows. Bracing himself in the pipes above, Storm Shadow tries to stay motionless. He eyes a wound on his shoulder.

Concerned that Tunnel Rat may be in danger, Keel Hull mulls radioing him. Torpedo and Shipwreck claim it to be a bad idea.

A drop of blood falls from Storm Shadow's wound and lands on Tunnel Rat's antenna. Tunnel Rat fires his pistol as Storm Shadow lets loose with throwing stars.

Keel Haul radios Tunnel Rat and Storm Shadow lunges in the direction of the sound. His katana only hits the radio tied to a pipe. Tunnel Rat throws his knife at Storm Shadow but it is easily caught. When Tunnel Rat pulls out his grenade, Storm Shadow takes off. Tunnel Rat notices something on the ground.

Cutter tells Keel Haul that a Water Moccasin is fast approaching. The crew of the Flagg destroys the ship as Storm Shadow blasts a hole in the hull with plastic explosive. Using binoculars, Keel Haul sees it was a dummy piloting the Water Moccasin. He theorizes it was a ruse to distract from Storm Shadow's real escape.

Tunnel Rat realizes he is seeing grease, heads to the propeller shaft, and disarms the real bomb.

In the water, Eels rescue Storm Shadow and wonder why the bomb has yet to detonate. Storm Shadow realizes Tunnel Rat is better than he thought.