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G.I.Joe: Declassified #2

Short Summary

The untold history continues! As Stalker, Rock 'N Roll and company face severe danger in Sierra Gordo, the rest of the fledgling team continues to gather evidence and intelligence on a growing threat from within America! Can Cobra be far behind? More all-new tales from the very beginnings of America's Real Heroes!

Notes of Interest

Three Issue Mini Series, 48 pages, Cardstock Cover, $8.95 Cover Price
Return of Larry Hama to G.I.Joe comics
Cover is homage to Hasbro's orginal G.I.Joe package art, including filecard and flag points (click image at left to see back cover).
This is the history and creation of the GI Joe team.
Significant events:
Shooter's identity is revealed to be a female. Actually Sgt. Craig (see Declassified Issue #1).
Chuckles played a role in bringing Breaker to the attention of Hawk.
Duke and Roadblock, also help bring to Hawk's attention Short Fuse.
Individual Pre-GI Joe History:
Breaker, Clutch, Flash, Grand Slam, Grunt, Rock 'n' Roll, Short Fuse
Important Joe locations: Staten Island: Fort Wadsworth, The Pit & Sierra Gordo

Major Players

The Joe Team: Breaker, Clutch, Flash, Grand Slam, Grunt, Hawk, Rock 'n' Roll, Scarlett, Short-Fuse, Snake-Eyes, Stalker, Steeler, Zap

Pre-GI Joe team membership appearance: Capt. Brad J. Armbruster (Ace), Special Agent Provost (Chuckles), Sparks, Marvin Hinton (Roadblock), Conrad Hauser (Duke), William Hardy (Wild Bill)

Flashback appearances: Manny & Shotgun Don(Rock 'n' Roll), Shelby's Mother (Grunt), General Austin & Sparks (Clutch & Flash)

Creative Team

Writer: Larry Hama, Pencils: Pat Quinn & Valentine De Landro, Colors: Rob Ruffolo, Letters: Brian Crowley, Senior Editor: Mike O'Sullivan, Front Cover: Tim Seeley and Katie De Sousa

Long Summary

In Sierra Gordo:
Stalker, Rock 'n' Roll, Zap and Grunt are taking an injured prisoner to their extraction point and the Sierra Gordo Liberation Army is chasing after them. The fight is totally intense but the Joe team is able to gain some space and set up a rest spot for the night. Where they start telling each other how they were recruited to the Joe team.

In a Pre-Joe Flashback:
An early teenage Rock 'n' Roll is surfing in Southern California with a friend named Manny. When Manny is swept into the pier, a local named Shotgun Don dives into the water to rescue Manny. As Don pulls out the bleeding Manny, he begins to give him first aid. As Rock 'n' Roll arrives, he sees a Ranger tattoo on Don's shoulder. Manny's life is saved and Rock 'n' Roll for the first time learns about the Army, which eventually leads him to the Joe team.

Grunt is standing in front of Hawk at attention. Hawk is quizzing him on his Advance Infantry Training school's essay. The essay, which contains this quote from Amelia Earhart "Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace", is about how Grunt spent his latest leave. The following is the story of the essay. Grunt went to visit the mother of a squad mate, Shelby, who had died during their training. He expresses to the mother his sympathy, explains how Shelby actually died in an ordinary accident and that Grunt hardly knew him at all but was in charge of the squad. He felt it his duty to tell her personally about her son's death. Hawk quizzes him on why he would spend his leave doing such a thing, Grunt's response "I thought we were supposed to take care of our own, sir"

In New York City:
Clutch is driving Hawk and Breaker back from a meeting with Special Agent Provst (future GI Joe team member, Chuckles). Hawk is uncertain how his court martial didn't turn into a career killer. Clutch interjects into the conversation with "I know part of it, sir. I was there."

In a Pre-Joe Flashback:
Clutch is given a verbal order from General "Iron-butt" Austin to drive a vehicle from McGuire Air Force Base to Fort Holabird. Hawk handcuffed and blindfolded is in the back seat. As Clutch drives Hawk, he discovers that he is being followed by a van. That van pulls in front of him and the backdoor opens with .50 cal gun pointed at the car. Clutch goes into evasive maneuvers in order to keep out of gun range. A car chase starts as the two vehicles are crashing into each other. Eventually, the van is destroyed in a crash, which allows Clutch to get Hawk to Fort Holabird safe and secure.

In the brand new PIT:
Hawk, Clutch and Breaker enter The Pit, where Grand Slam, Steeler, Short Fuse and Flash have been monitoring Stalker's team's progress towards the extraction point in Sierra Gordo. Snake-Eyes and Scarlett also arrive from the Staten Island fairy. (See Scarlett Declassified) The group starts talking about how they came to be GI Joe members.

In a Pre-Joe Flashback:
Breaker had been interested in ham radios since he was a kid, and learned seven languages just so he could talk on the radio with anybody. His interest in communications leads him to the Army. After a few years in the Army, Breaker was caught decrypting top secret codes and was being interrogated by Agent Provost of the CID (Criminal Investigation Division). Hawk interrupts the interrogation of Breaker, carrying two full packs and asks Breaker if he wants to go on a run. As they both run up a mountain with full packs, Breaker proves to Hawk, by besting him in the run, that he belongs on the Joe team.

Grand Slam is at an artillery training exercise with Hawk observing. The mission is to destroy with artillery an enemy that is advancing on a ground force. The drill instructor takes away all computers and technology and forces the trainees to use nothing but maps. Grand Slam proceeds to calculate his target, coordinate and fire a mortar that hits the enemy exactly were it should. Hawk signs him up on the spot.

Flash's story starts at the Aberdeen Proving grounds in a covert electronics shop. General Austin and Sparks show up to ask Flash about the improvements he has made in a laser range finder. After a verbal test, Austin walks away saying "get him squared away, Sparks. He's going to Staten Island."

Just as Short Fuse was about to wash out of Ranger School, he was captured during the escape and evasion part of the program. After seven days of capture he was still holding out, a considerable achievement seeing that most last less then 3 days. Hawk hears about this trainee and goes to investigate. Future Joes Roadblock and Duke have been running the trainee program and notified Hawk about Short Fuse. All Short Fuse gives Hawk is his name, rank and serial number. Realizing, that Short Fuse is a very strong candidate for the Joe team, Hawk enlists him. Later when Hawk asks him why he held out so long, Short Fuse's answer is "I didn't want to give them the satisfaction".

On the way to Sierra Gordo:
Shooter, one of the original Joes selected for the team, has been sent to Sierra Gordo as support for Stalker's team. After exiting a future Joe's, Ace, airplane, Shooter gets aboard another future Joe's, Wild Bill, helicopter. When Shooter takes off the airplane helmet it is revealed that she is a dark haired female. She removes her dog tags, wallet and nametag, which displays her name, Sgt. Craig (Sergeant Craig was seen at the Chaplain's School defending Steeler & Flash in Declassified #1) and puts them in a Pentagon utility bag. Then she prepares for her mission. Appling face camouflage, a camouflage vest and unpacks her sniper rifle. Wild Bill drops her off and she just walks out into the jungle of Sierra Gordo, alone.

Suumary by Josh Eggebeen

Reprinted in:

G.I. Joe Declassified Trade Paperback

Issue Two, August 2006

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