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G.I.Joe: Declassified #1

Short Summary

Stalker, Rock 'n' Roll, Grunt & Zap are on a mission in Sierra Gordo that gets in trouble, Scarlett & Snake-Eyes on the Staten Island ferry run into Fred Broca, General Flagg talks to Sparks about the creation of the Joe team, Hawk meets up with Special Agent Provost and Grand Slam, Short Fuse, Steeler & Flash make their presence known at the Chaplain Assistants lunch room at Fort Wadsworth.

Notes of Interest

Three Issue Mini Series, 48 pages, $8.95 Cover Price, Cardstock Cover
Return of Larry Hama to G.I.Joe comics
Cover is homage to Hasbro's orginal G.I.Joe package art, including filecard and flag points (click image at left to see back cover).
First full appearance of Shooter, previously seen in Marvel's G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero #1.
Sparks is involved with the creation of the Joe team.
Introduction of Sergeant Craig.
Fred Broca appearance.
Individual Pre-GI Joe history of Hawk and Steeler
Important Joe locations: Staten Island: Fort Wadsworth, The Pit, the Staten Island ferry, Sierra Gordo, Borovia, Trucial Abysmia

Major Players

The Joe Team: General Austin, General Flagg, Breaker, Clutch, Flash, Grand Slam, Grunt, Hawk, Rock 'n' Roll, Scarlett, Short-Fuse, Snake-Eyes, Stalker, Steeler, Zap

Pre-GI Joe team membership appearance: Capt. Brad J. Armbruster (Ace), Special Agent Provost (Chuckles), Sparks

Special Cobra Appearances: The Baroness, Fred Broca

Additional Characters: Chaplain Assistants Damon & Pythias, Sergeant Craig

Creative Team

Writer: Larry Hama, Pencils: Pat Quinn & Valentine De Landro, Colors: Rob Ruffolo, Letters: Brian Crowley, Senior Editor: Mike O'Sullivan, Front Cover: Tim Seeley & Katie De Sousa

Long Summary

In Sierra Gordo: Stalker, Rock 'n' Roll, Grunt & Zap have been observing the Sierra Gordo Liberation Front (S.G.I.F.) Army and its prisoners for the last week. They have specific orders not to interfere. Several HIND helicopters arrive, unexpectedly and release napalm onto the prisoners killing them all. In the process one helicopter, piloted by The Baroness, spots the Joes and orders an attack on them by the other HIND's. As the Joe team makes its escape they leave behind a few traps that kill several of the SGIF. The Joes come up to a crashed HIND helicopter that has a partially burned & blind pilot. After some discussion, Stalker elects to take the injured pilot to the extraction point by carrying the pilot himself. Later that night, they contact Grand Slam in The Pit and get their extraction orders. Stalker is falling behind as he carries the injured pilot but he refuses to share the burden and pulls rank by pushing the team on. As they rest, the HIND helicopters return to searching for the Joe team. Rock 'n' Roll implores Stalker to leave the injured pilot behind so they can make a fast escape.

Staten Island, New York: Steeler and Flash are driving a truck filled with supplies to the Motor Pool of Fort Wadsworth. Two Chaplain Assistants, Damon & Phythias, become inquisitive about all the supplies that seem to go into the Motor Pool. After the truck drives into an empty Motor Pool that should be staked full with supplies, the Assistants are then giving an order to return to their barracks by female Sergeant First Class Craig. Short-Fuse joins them just has Sergeant Craig is leaving. He points out that Craig has an interesting row of ribbons for someone working at the Chaplain Assistants' post. She is wearing a Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Air Medal, CIF (Combat Infantryman's Badge) and an expert rifleman's badge. They then ride the elevator lift down into the lower levels of the super secret GI Joe headquarters, The Pit. Grand Slam, monitoring the radio communications with the Sierra Gordo team, has just received an update from that the mission. The recon team is now just fighting to make it to the extraction point and that Stalker is carrying an injured man out of the jungle.

In a Pre- Joe Flashback: Steeler is driving his tank as part of a convoy going across the country of Trucail Abysmia, when his convoy is attacked and mostly destroyed. But Steeler using his "Ma Deuce" (a .50 caliber machine gun) has taken out all of the remaining attackers. He then pulls his gunner from his burning, destroyed tank, his gunner is too weak and injured to walk so Steeler throws him up on his shoulders and walks out of the desert.

A little later Steeler and Flash make a scene at the Chaplain Assistants' lunch room but Sergeant Craig, interfering again, ends the confrontation.

On the ferry between Manhattan & Station Island, Scarlett and Snake-Eyes, who is wearing a rubber mask, are rudely interrupted by a man (possibly Fred Broca), who is frustrated that the soldiers get so much of the tax payer's money. Scarlett's return comment is "You have a right to your opinions, sir. Soldiers died for those rights" The man is scared away by a powerful stare directly from Snake-Eyes. Scarlett then holds Snake-Eyes hand.

In Battery Park, Manhattan Island: Hawk, escorted by Breaker and Clutch are meeting up with Special Agent Provost, who will later become Joe team member Chuckles. Agent Provost wants Hawk to look at a top secret very blurred photo of a head wear goggles or glasses in a helicopter cockpit. When, all of a sudden, Agent Provost recognizes where he last saw Hawk.

In a Pre-Joe Flashback: A few years back when Hawk was a Light Colonel working at UN refugee camp in Borovia. A bomb was discovered in a children's medical compound. After defusing it and making everything safe. Hawk learns that a terrorist had been caught sneaking out of the compound, A sergeant had beaten out of him the location of the bomb, so that it could be defused and save the children. A two star general arrives on site concerned about the political fallout of beating a prisoner. As the general attempts to punish the sergeant, Colonel Hawk steps up and takes the blame, refusing to allow the sergeant to be punished by the general, as a consequence he is court marshaled. Agent Provost was their as a guard for the general. Later, when Hawk is actually on trial for the court marshal, he defends his sergeant's actions as wrong but a decision that he himself would have made. There for he turns a situation to his benefit. In the back of the court General Flagg and Sparks watch Hawk spin this situation so that all of his superiors will be inferior to his position.

At the Pentagon: General Flagg & General Austin get a situation report on the recon team in Sierra Gordo. The recon team hasn't been able to discover any intel on a blue suited para-military group that has been operating in Sierra Gordo. And General Austin makes a reference to a secret cabal of generals that even General Flagg doesn't know anything about. Later General Flagg criticizes Sparks for nominating Steeler for the Joe team just based on his carrying a dead man out of a blown mission. Sparks response is "If I may be so bold, sir-you were very hesitant about adding Colonel Abernathy to the roster". Flagg's response is "you were there. You observed the court martial" and "you certainly did come up with a satisfying solution to the problem." Then they move onto the extraction of Joe members in Sierra Gordo, and the answer is to active Shooter.

At McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey: A Capt. Brad J. Armbruster (future Joe member Ace) accepts the unresponsive Shooter into his jet and flies off to Sierra Gordo.

In Staten Island: Fred Broca is concerned about his family's life and welfare because of his mounting debt. His wife gives him some support by saying "Things will get better". Fred's response is "yes, they will and I know how to make it happen. All I have to change is my face."

Summary by Josh Eggebeen

Reprinted in:

G.I. Joe Declassified Trade Paperback

Issue One, June 2006

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