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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: July 2003
Series: Frontline
Issue Number: 9

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As a child Zanya was very violent in school. Her mother was verbally abusive, and had mean boyfriends as she was growing up. Currently, Zanya is traveling with her boyfriend, Kevin Schulte and making money winning fights. She and her Kevin meet up with the Dreadnoks, Monkeywrench, Zanizbar & Gnawgahyde. Kevin is trying to gain acceptance into the Dreadnoks by using Zanya. Both Zanya & Kevin are given a test assignment to see if they are worthy of being part of the Dreadnoks. Zanya saves the day for them, and Kevin gets the credit. At an after party, Zanya meets her father Zartan, and her Aunt Zarana.

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Notes of Interest

The story of Zanya's life, how she met her father, Zartan and became part of the Dreadnoks.

Major Players

Dreadnoks: Zanya, Zartan, Zarana, Monkeywrench, Zanizbar, Gnawgahyde

Additional Characters: Zanya's boyfriend Kevin Schulte, Zanya's mother, Principal Norton, Matt Kish

Creative Team

Writer: Sean McKeever,
Pencils: Francis Portella,
Inks: Pierre Andre-Dery & Francis Portella,
Colors: Estudio Din & Mita,
Letters: Dreamer Design,
Graphic Design: Mike Norton,

Cover: Francis Manapul, Cory Hamscher, Din & Mita

Full Details

In Chicago, a team of firemen attempt to douse a blaze at an apartment building. One of the firefighters sees a young girl on the fire escape above, but when he calls out to her, she doesn't answer... instead she just looks down at him and the fire with menacing eyes...

Five years later, in Kansas City, a group of seedy looking individuals crowd around a brawl in a truck-stop parking lot. A young, blond-haired man is taking bets, and generally ignoring the advances of an attractive young woman. His eyes are locked on another young woman - the one beating the stuffing out of the two guys she's brawling with! The girl dispatches the hulking brutes in a variety of creative ways - sand in face, fist in the groin - and the blond man takes his money from a series of bets he's made. The girl, fresh from the fight, falls into his arms, dispatching the other young woman with the same menacing eyes displayed on the fire escape...

Later, in a dingy room, the young man, Kevin, counts his money while Zanya watches. It's almost enough, he says, to join in with the original Florida Dreadnoks.

Some years earlier, the younger Zanya watches as one of her mother's boyfriends barges in and takes all her mother's money. Zanya can't help buy cry, but her mother berates her for it, telling her not to cry, and if she ever catches her crying again, she'll regret it...

In Florida, the teenage Zanya makes short work of another punk in front of a big crowd, which includes Dreadnoks Monkeywrench, Gnawgahyde and Zanzibar. They think she's there to sign up with the 'Noks, but Kevin steps in, implying he's the brains of the operation and that he's the one who wants to join.

But the 'Noks haven't actually seen Kevin in action, all they know is he's got the money. They know Zanya's got the hard credentials, so if Kevin wants in, Zanya's got to be in too.

The five set out on a little mission. Seems some gangbangers are selling weapons to drug dealers on Dreadnok turf - and they're not going to let that happen. This includes a "special task" for Kevin and Zanya.

Gnawgahyde wonders where Zanya learned to fight like that, and she tells him, where she grew up, it was either bully or victim - and she wasn't going to be a victim.

Years earlier, young Zanya pounds the snot out of a notorious bully in school, forcing her mother to come down and get her. Her mother is annoyed at having to interrupt her day for Zanya, and proceeds to remind her daughter that she's nobody special...

In Miami, the weapons-for-drugs deal is going down, and it's up to Kevin and Zanya to silence the guards before the Dreadnoks make their move. Kevin botches his lockpicking assignment, and the whole mission is nearly FUBAR, but Zanya takes the guards out on her own. The 'Noks arrive, rounding up the thugs, and the mission is a success, although Zanya looks disdainfully at Kevin as he pilfers the wallet of a fallen guard.

At a 'Nok hideout, the Dreadnoks congratulate the kids on their work, and get ready to party. Of course, a voice calls out, it's never really a party until Zartan arrives - and arrive he does, with sister Zarana in two.

Zanya looks up at him admiringly and whispers one word under her breath: "Dad..."

Summary by: Josh Kern