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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: May 2003
Series: Frontline
Issue Number: 7

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Duke's 1995 team is introduced and how their mission failed when the crazed scientists at the Coldfire Laboratory attacked them. The Joe team of Duke, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett & Frostbite continue to search the caves under the laboratory for a life form they have detected, a civilian named Chuck Trellice. As Airtight and Lifeline stay up in the laboratory. Each group is attacked by the creatures and has some success in killing them. Lifeline is showing some signs of infection.

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Notes of Interest

Duke's first mission to the Coldfire Laboratory was in 1995

Major Players

The Joes: Airtight, Duke, Frostbite, Lifeline, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes

Additional Characters: Chuck Trellice

Duke's 1995 Team: Officers Mull, Shapiro, Akins, Silver & Cormwell (all deceased)

Creative Team

Story: Dan Jolley & Drew Johnson,
Script: Dan Jolley,
Pencils: Drew Johnson & Tom Feister,
Inks: Ray Snyder,
Colors: Studio Din & Mita,
Letters: Dreamer Design,

Cover: Tony Harris

Full Details

In a flashback to 1995, we see Duke meeting the team members he's to take to investigate the silence from Operation Coldfire in the arctic. He's told that if they need to know what happened up there, and if there's a problem, the need it fixed.

We flash forward 12 hours and see Duke and his men in the fight of their lives against the mutated scientists from Coldfire...

In the present, Duke, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes and Frostbite explore the caves under Operation Coldfire, tracking the single human life sign they discovered last issue. Scarlett manages to raise Lifeline and Airtight on the wrist-comm, but reception isn't very clear.

Soon after Scarlett tells them to sit tight, Airtight and Lifeline are attacked a group of the mutated creatures. While their bullets seem to have no effect, an enraged Lifeline manages to stop one of them with a well-placed kick to the knee, and tackles another. The pair flee, but not before several creatures jump into the caves after the other Joes - and one of the creatures snags Airtight's wrist-comm...

The creatures catch up to the other Joes in the cave, again surprising the Joes with their speed. They manage to take out a couple of the creatures, but when more arrive, they decide using a gas grenade to buy them some time is their best option.

Back up top, Airtight wonders just how the heck Lifeline managed to take those creatures out. Lifeline tells him to relax, that he's not turning into a monster yet. When Airtight presses him, saying he's never seen Lifeline get mad or fight like that before, Lifeline simply says, "Well, I've never fought giant mutant polar bear guys before."

Lifeline then finds a mysterious hidden panel and says they have to get Duke on the radio...

Below, the other have found what appears to be an underground lake, and their life sign reading is coming from somewhere on the water. Snake-Eyes pops a flare and the discover a lone man drifting on an iceberg.

The man - an Englishman named Chuck Trellice - tells them he was mountain climbing with some friends when they fell into a crevasse and were attacked by the creatures. He leads the Joes back to the crevasse, and potential escape, but not before they are again attacked by the creatures - forcing Scarlett to use their last gas grenade.

They find the crevasse, but Duke is attacked from behind by a creature. It manages to yank a grenade off of Duke's belt - and remove the pin. The Joes manage to grab cover but the resulting explosion causes a cave-in, blocking off the access to the crevasse

Summary by: Josh Kern