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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: March 2003
Series: Frontline
Issue Number: 5

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Duke assembles a Joe team that includes Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Airtight, Frostbite & Lifeline. They are sent to the Coldfire Laboratory. In 1995, Duke was sent on a non-Joe mission to investigate some scientists at that same laboratory. He was the only one to get out alive. As the Joe team arrives they see some strange things.

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Notes of Interest

Duke jogs into the Alvin R. Kibbey Memorial Gymnasium which is named after Breaker, who was killed in action.

Duke's first mission to the Coldfire Laboratory was in 1995.

Major Players

The Joes: Airtight, Duke, Frostbite, Lifeline, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes

Special Appearances: Beach Head, Flint, Hawk, Jinx, Lady Jaye, Mainframe, Roadblock, Wild Bill

Duke's 1995 Team: Officers Mull, Shapiro, Akins, Silver & Cormwell (all deceased)

Creative Team

Story: Dan Jolley & Drew Johnson,
Script & Letter: Dan Jolley,
Pencils: Drew Johnson & Tom Feister,
Inks: Ray Snyder,
Colors: JD Mettler,

Cover: Tony Harris

Full Details

After Duke's morning jog, he helps Jinx train some recruits in the gymnasium. In the locker room he runs into Mainframe, who has recently completed a mission. Mainframe gives Duke a pen sized EMP (electromagnetic pulse) device that is able to fry an individual computer.

Hawk calls Duke into his office, and Hawk questions him about his involvement in a black ops mission named Operation: Coldfire. Hawk says that a distress signal was just received from there, but Duke doesn't think that's possible. Duke attempts to decline the mission, but Hawk convinces him to.

Duke chooses a team of Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Lifeline, Frostbite, and Airtight to assist him on the mission. Duke briefs the team, telling them about Operation: Coldfire. Coldfire was used to test a process to create a soldier more resistant to temperature extremes, but some of the genetic material mutated and infected some of the lab technicians. Evidence showed that the infection was transmitted through bites of some sort.

After the station went offline, Duke led a team of Army Rangers to investigate. That mission failed, and Duke was the only survivor.

Wild Bill drops the team off, and they use Snow Cats to get to the research facility. Frostbite tells a charming story about his uncle's dog and Lifeline tries to talk to Duke about what happened, but he refuses. They blow open the entrance, then use struts to prop it open.

Inside the facility, they encounter frozen bodies, animal remains, and unrecognizable droppings. Duke finds a lower level that isn't shown on the blueprints, and as he goes to investigate, they hear a rumbling sound. The team finds that the entrance is caved in, and their radios can't penetrate the facility.

Duke, sensing that they are not alone, readies the team for a fight. The last panel shows a silhouette of two hairy heads with glowing blue eyes.