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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: December 2003
Series: Frontline
Issue Number: 18

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Roadblock has a cooking show that isn't doing very well in the ratings. At the same time Mainframe has just hacked into Extensive Enterprises computer system w he discovers that they own the TV station Roadblock is on. Tomax & Xamot send the Dreadnoks to destroy the station. As Roadblock is cooking on air the Dreadnoks attack and Roadblock fights back, and it turns the show into a hit.

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Notes of Interest

Final issue of G.I.Joe: Frontline.

Major Players

The Joes: Roadblock, Mainframe

Special Joe Appearances: Vorona (Diana), Claymore, Firewall, Lightfoot, Psych-Out

Cobra: Tomax & Xamot

Dreadnoks: Gnawgahyde, Burn-Out, Heartwrencher, Rugrat

Additional Characters: Producer Ellie, Mona Bootcher with Ms. Dimples

Creative Team

Story: Mike Norton and Tim Seeley,
Writer: Tim Seeley,
Pencils: Dan Norton,
Inks: Clayton Brown,
Colors: Brett R. Smith,
Letters: Dreamer Design,
Graphic Design: Mike Norton,

Cover Credits:
Cover A: Tim Seeley

Cover B: ?

Full Details

At TV LA Studios, Marvin Hinton - aka Roadblock - prepares for his syndicated cooking show - "Kiss Your Mama Home Cookin'" - faces a major problem. Instead of the spoons he's requested, he's been given plastic sporks! His producer, Ellie reminds him this isn't Emeril - and when Marvin has his own line of Marvin Hinton grills in every home in America, then he can have all the spoons he wants.

Back at the Pit, Firewall introduces Daina to the joys of watching Roadblock's show - and making fun of him the whole time. What other cooking show would have a "Rhyme of the Day," after all? Meanwhile, Mainframe hacks his way through Cobra's latest money laundering scheme...

Two weeks later, Marvin walks onto his set, noticing something different - there are spoons! Not to mention a new microwave, skillets... Ellie explains some "new investments" paid off, which means in addition to new equipment, it's time for a co-host! Marvin is introduced to Mona Bootcher, star of TV's "The Au Pair from Jersey." And her little dog, Ms. Dimples.

At the Pit, Mainframe does a happy dance as he's finally cracked Cobra's code. If hacking were ninjitsu, he'd be Snake-Eyes, he says.

Of course, at Extensive Enterprises headquarters in NYC, the Crimson Twins discover Mainframe's hacking and decide they'll have to find another way to launder their money, other than this television network scheme. They'll have to eradicate the evidence - by calling in the Dreadnoks.

On set, Marvin places his latest concoction on the Marvin Hinton Grill, while Mona conjures up a dessert. Ms. Dimples, apparently, has gotten into the whipped cream, however - and proceeds to projectile vomit all over Roadblock. Cue commercial... and Dreadnoks!

The Noks begin to trash the joint, smashing lights and cameras, and Burnout takes a big ol' wrench to Roadblock's head - a sucker shot. He points his gun at Roadblock, but Ms. Dimples and her projectile vomit saves the day, as she upchucks all over the new Nok! Roadblock gets up and punches him out, much to the delight of Ellie, who calls it "Iron Chef meets American Gladiator."

Roadblocks makes quick work of most of the Dreadnoks, while Gnawgahyde slathers himself with vegetable shortening - The hunter has to be like his prey, after all. Roadblock can't get a handle on him, and Gnawgahyde pins him down, ready to strike with a meat cleaver... but Roadblock grabs the Marvin Hinton Grill and cold-cocks him!

The Dreadnoks defeated, Roadblock turns to the camera and says, "The Marvin Hinton Grill. Knocks out snakes... makes great steaks."

At the Pit, Firewall and Daina can barely contain themselves, as Mainframe wallows over all the work he's lost...

Now that the mysterious investors are gone, Roadblock doesn't see any way they can fix the show up and get it back on the air. But Ellie says everyone loved it, and everyone wants a Marvin Hinton Grill! They're retooling the show - it's now called "Cooking with Kung-Fu Grip" - and Marvin is an action chef! And he'll fight a new evil menace every week with instruments of cuisine!

First up: evil ninja warriors!

Summary by: Josh Kern