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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: November 2003
Series: Frontline
Issue Number: 17

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Beach Head takes five recruits into a real life training mission. This is how soldiers qualify for the GI Joe team and its told from the point of view of Fifty (or Four). The five recruits & Beach Head are being chased by a mob. One of the recruits, Three, is injured and left behind. Beach Head leads the remaining four recruits to the prison, where Three is taken after he is captured. As the helicopter comes to pick them up, they rescue Three and board the chopper, Beach Head is hit covering the load in and Fifty returns to help get him on the chopper.

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Notes of Interest

Major Players

The Joes: Beach Head

Joe Recruits: One (Feedback), Two (??), Three (Heavy Fire), Four (Fifty), Five (??)

Creative Team

Story: Paul Jenkins,
Pencils: Tim Seeley,
Inks: Cory Hamscher,
Colors: David Messina and Federica Manfredi,
Letters: Dreamer Design,
Graphic Design: Mike Norton,

Cover Credits:
Cover A: Jason Alexande

Cover B: Tim Seeley

Full Details

Pursued by an angry mob of rebels, five greenshirts make their way into a small desert town, led by Beach Head.

They high-tail it to an abandoned apartment building, but before they can make it inside, one of the recruits - number three - is hit. Beach Head explains they can't wait, and he leads the others into the building, where they take the elevator to the 18th floor. As Beach Head explains, going to all the way to the roof is what the enemy expects; he launches a rappelling line between the apartment and the next building, and the next, until they're on the roof of the prison.

Number four, displeased with Beach Head's hard-ass command methods, thinks back to meeting him for the first time. Even though he and the other five greenshirts has been in the marines for four years, they still had to go undergo more rigorous training under Beach Head if they wanted to make the Joes. And under Beach Head, training is murder. By the end of it they all hated him, especially four, who he made clean the barracks with a potato.

And leaving three behind isn't sitting well with four either.

On the roof of the prison, the recruits try to plan their escape when Beach Head says, they "ain't escapin'" - they're breaking in. They enter the prison through an air vent, and Beach Head tells one and two to paint the tallest building with the laser for air strike.

Four questions just what the heck good all this is doing, when Beach Head reminds him that he should have read the enemy's procedure manual. They're not gonna just kill three - they're going to take him prisoner. And the place they're going to hold him is the place the Joes are waiting for them.

When the bad guys arrive with the three, four and five take out his captors while one and two call in the air strike. With the Rebels distracted, the Joes make their way back to roof for evac.

A number of rebels have already made it up there, though, and a firefight breaks out. Not only that, the rebels have a tank rumbling down the street! Beach Head calls in the helos, and one and two get three in as soon as the chopper's down.

But Beach Head gets hit - and despite Beach Head's orders to the contrary, four goes back and retrieves him. Beach Head, naturally, is mad - as the fly away to safety, he orders four down to give him fifty push-ups.

Summary by: Josh Kern