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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: November 2003
Series: Frontline
Issue Number: 16

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An internal power struggle in Cobra has Destro and Cobra Commander at odds with each other. Cobra Commander hires a Night Creeper, Josef Ulrich, to kill Destro. The Joes are already on Ulrich's trail after an assassination that they are investigating. Destro & Cobra Commander continue there bickering, and Baroness, Zartan & Storm Shadow are all drawn into the argument. Ulrich shows up to fulfill his contract, and is easily killed by Destro. The Joes attack, and Cobra Commander concedes to Destro. And the air is cleared in Cobra, for the time being.

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Notes of Interest

Major Players

The Joes: Duke, Low Light, Snake-Eyes, Stalker

Special Joe Appearances: Lifeline, Mainframe

Cobra: Baroness, Cobra Commander, Destro, Storm Shadow, Zartan

The Enemy: Josef Ulrich (Night Creeper)

Additional Characters: Martin Fletcher (deceased), News reporter Shep Shepar

Creative Team

Story: Will Wilson and Cory Mitchel with Brandon Jerwa,
Pencils: Eddy Barrows,
Inks: Lynx Studios,
Colors: Lynx Studios,
Letters: Dreamer Design,
Graphic Design: Mike Norton,

Cover Credits:
Cover A: Artist: Joe Rauch, Colors by Andrew Pepoy

Cover B: Lynx Studios, Clint Hilinski, Andrew J. Pepoy

Full Details

At Parliament Security House in London, a Mr. Fletcher expresses his worry to a guard that he doesn't feel safe. The guard assures him he is - after all, Britain's best MPGS unit is on-site.

Little does he know a single Night Creeper is quietly taking out each of the guards in turn...

Meanwhile, on an island in the English Channel, a similar stealthy assassin makes his way through a Cobra compound, taking out Cobra soldiers as he goes. He makes his way to a control room where Cobra Commander and Destro are arguing about their deal - which would see Destro take a less active role in Cobra, and establish this European stronghold. Unfortunately, the Commander doesn't believe the location is secure enough.

Destro assures him it's as safe as he wishes it to be, when the mysterious intruder drops from the ceiling, revealing himself as Zartan.

In London, the Night Creeper has finally reached Mr. Fletcher's room...

As Zartan points a gun a Destro's head, the Commander believes he's proven his point. Destro, as usual, is one step ahead - his own security team has been tracking Zartan since he passed the main gate, and they burst in, surrounding the Commander.

In London the next morning, Duke, Stalker, Low-Light and Snake-Eyes inspect the scene of Mr. Fletcher's murder. As it turns out, Mr. Fletcher was a former Crimson Guard, and was about to spill his secrets to the Joes. Snake-Eyes finds a poison needle in the neck of one of the deceased guards - their only clue.

In Paris, the Night Creeper picks up a package with his next job - and it's Destro! In fact, Cobra Commander reveals to Destro that he's hired someone to kill him, as yet another test of Destro's security. Outraged, the Baroness tries to gun down the Commander, but Storm Shadow stops her.

Mainframe and Lifeline discover that the poison on the needle is from a black Gaeru frog, and Mainframe's found a name - a Joseph Ulrich - that regularly orders these frogs - always at a different address. This time he's in Paris; Duke sends Stalker and Snake-Eyes out to bring him in.

Later, the two Joes burst in to Ulrich's hotel room - but he's already gone, leaving behind only a bomb. After the smoke clears, Snake-Eyes spots the Night Creeper's orders - with Destro's photograph - in the rubble. The location of Cobra's island base is also on the orders...

The Night Creeper has arrived at the island stronghold, and is making his way to the control room, dispatching of Cobra guards as he goes. Destro and Cobra Commander face off once more, each threatening the other. The defense network goes down, and Cobra Commander gloats as the Night Creeper - disguised as a Cobra solider - sneaks up behind Destro.

But before the Creeper can dispatch of his target, a second Destro appears behind him, gun in hand. As the first Destro reveals himself as Zartan, the Creeper makes his move, eluding Destro's gunfire - but not the Baroness'. Riddled with bullets, Ulrich gasps that others will come and finish the job - but Destro finishes him off, saying, "let them."

Cobra Commander is ready to concede the game, but the Joes suddenly arrive in force! The Cobras are forced make their escape as the Joes capture the compound.

The Commander gloats, saying that this proves once and for all that Destro's security measures were not sufficient. Destro, of course, tells him they would have been, if their attention had not been diverted by the Commander's game. The standoff continues.

Later, flying home, the Baroness laments to Destro that the Night Creepers will continue to dog them. Destro says he's taken care of it - he simply made them a better offer. In Zurich, a Night Creeper, frog in hand, opens a package with Destro's sigil on it.

Summary by: Josh Kern