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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: October 2003
Series: Frontline
Issue Number: 15

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Stalker returns home to his wife and step sons, Alvin & Jamal. Alvin is just beginning to get involved in a street gang run by Mad Anthony. In order to keep Alvin out of the streets Stalker does a balancing act of being a father, and taking down Mad Anthony. Stalker does some research into Mad Anthony's drug trade and stops a large drug shipment. In the end, Alvin helps out Stalker and each has learned a lesson.

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Notes of Interest

Stalker met his wife Lydia in Mexico (see Marvel GI Joe Special Missions #27).

Major Players

The Joes: Stalker

Stalker's Family: Lydia (Stalker's wife) & step sons Jamal & Alvin.

Additional Characters: "Mad Anthony" Brown (G-hustlers leader), Principal Mr. Riles, Ray Ray & Hardtop (Stalker's teenage friends)

Creative Team

Story: Gary Phillips,
Pencils: Jeremy Love with Mike Norton & Tim Seeley,
Inks: Cory Hamscher with John Larter,
Colors: Matt Cossin,
Letters: Dreamer Design,
Graphic Design: Mike Norton,

Cover: Jeremy Love

Full Details

On a plane inbound to Wright-Patterson, Stalker reads a letter from his wife. He's been away from home a long time, and he's looking forward to seeing Lydia and his boys - because family is what makes the fighting worthwhile.

Stalker arrives home to Lydia, finding Jamal, his youngest son, asleep. But Alvin, his stepson, isn't home. Stalker gets angry that he's out at this hour, and goes to look for him. Lydia tells him Alvin is at a turning point, but Lonzo reminds her he knows something about that turning point himself.

He finds Alvin running with a gang, the G-Hustlers. They're about to throw down with their rivals, the Six Rivers Gang, to see who can lock up a deal with a Mexican drug cartel.

Watching the gangs face off flashes Stalker back to his own youth, and his gang leader, Hardtop, who the G-Hustlers gang leader, "Mad Anthony" Brown, reminds him of. Back then he just wanted to be the baddest guy on his block, but Hardtop wanted to take it higher - get into drugs, cocaine...

As the G-Hustlers and the Six Rivers Gang start to brawl, Stalker jumps in. He grabs Alvin, who protests Lonzo has no right to tell him what to do, since he isn't his real father.

The G-Hustlers win the fight, and Brown comes face-to-face with Stalker. Stalker tells Brown he and Alvin are leaving. One of Brown's thugs tries to muscle Stalker by putting a gun under his chin, but Stalker surprises them all by taking the gun before anyone sees him move.

He and Alvin leave, but Brown calls out to Alvin, reminding him that he's got things to do and people he can't let down.

Lonzo tries to talk to Alvin about living up to his potential, but Alvin will have none of it. He doesn't need any speeches from a guy that travels the world fighting people in day-glo masks... after all, "Mad Anthony" Brown's been here all along - where has Lonzo been?

The next day Lonzo and Alvin visit the principle at Alvin's school. Mr. Riles tells Lonzo that Alvin's on the edge, and that it's time to mature and accept responsibility. But Lonzo feels guilty that he's not around enough to teach that responsibility.

Stalker gets Mad Anthony's file from the local cops. Turns out he doesn't just deal in the ghetto, but in the high-class areas of town, too. Flashing back, he remembers telling Hardtop he wanted no part of the drug scene. Hardtop brings the mob enforcers down on Stalker to put him in his place, but Stalker fights them off, and lights their shipment of heroin on fire. That was his last act as a gang member before joining the army.

Now that the Six Rivers Gang are out of the way, the G-Hustlers are in with the Mexican cartel. Stalker breaks in to Mad Anthony's crib to look for clues as to where the first incoming shipment from Mexico will arrive, and how.

The next night Stalker attacks the Six Rivers Gang at the railyards, where the shipment is coming in by train. He takes out most of them, but Mad Anthony sneaks up on him from behind - but Alvin tackles him, saving his stepdad. Mad Anthony is bigger, but Alvin's been taught some moves, like his dad, and he knocks the older man out.

Stalker's impressed with Alvin. They go to leave together, and Stalker begins to set a bomb to blow up the shipment. But Alvin says to leave it, so there's evidence to put Mad Anthony away and finish the G-Hustlers.

Stalker says Lydia will be mad at them for what they've done - after all, Alvin's supposed to be a nice suburban school boy. But as Alvin says - "Consider who my old man is."

Summary by: Josh Kern