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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: August 2003
Series: Frontline
Issue Number: 13

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Chuckles is undercover in Blackwater Prison. The Joes do a setup where he is killed, allowing him to escape being undercover. Firewall, Daemon & Mainframe have stolen some information from a company in New York City. As Chuckles is resting in a safe house surrounded by agents, the Baroness and Zandar kill the agents and wound Chuckles. Meanwhile in Seattle, a Joe team of Flint, Crosshair, Dial-Tone, Scarlett, Jinx, Shockwave & Law & Order assault a house where they capture an injured Dkembe, Tyler Wingfield's lieutenant.

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Notes of Interest

See Marvel issue #4 for more history on the Wingfield family.

Major Players

The Joes: Chuckles, Crosshair, Daemon, Dial-Tone, Duke, Firewall, Flint, Jinx, Law & Order, Mainframe, Shockwave, Scarlett

Special Joe Appearances: Blowtorch, Gung-Ho

Cobra: Baroness, Zandar

The Enemy: Tyler Wingfield, Dkembe (deceased)

Creative Team

Writer: Brandon Jerwa,
Pencils: Eddy Barrows,
Inks: Cory Hamscher,
Colors: Lynx Studios,
Letters: Dreamer Design,
Graphic Design: Mike Norton,

Cover: Francis Manapul, Cory Hamscher & Steve Co

Full Details

In New York City, Daemon, Firewall and Mainframe plant wireless in a Cobra base. The modems tell them what they need to know - "the hit's going down today!"

Inside Blackwater Federal Detention Facility, Chuckles - who is attempting to maintain his cover as a Cobra agent - is accosted by another inmate. A fight ensues, with the larger man trying to force a plate full of food down Chuckles' throat and eventually pulling a knife. Chuckles wrestles the blade away - just in time for two guards to show up, and gun him down when they see him brandishing the weapon.

Meanwhile, in a Federal Assmebly Building in Los Angeles, Duke informs the various US intelligence agencies that G.I. Joe now has complete jurisdiction over the Tyler Wingfield case.

The next day at a safe-house in Louisiana, Chuckles offers his thanks to the two guards from the previous day - Blowtorch and Gung-Ho. The whole deal was a set-up to get Chuckles out, and leave Cobra thinking him dead.

As Blowtorch and Gung-Ho head down to New Orleans for some R&R, they pass a Sheriff's cruiser heading up towards the safe-house. Inside the cruiser is no Sheriff, however - it's the Baroness and Zandar.

In Seattle, Tyler Wingfield's confidant Dkembe tells his boss that they still have active cells in the States, their intel network is strong, and the "other business" is still in progress. Wingfield is pleased.

At the safe-house, Chuckles notices the Baroness and Zandar approach. Turns out the inmate at Blackwater who attacked Chuckles was a Cobra operative, and he managed to force a tracking device down Chuckles' throat. After they dispatch the guards, they storm the house...

In Seattle, Flint, Shockwave, Law, Dial-Tone, Jinx and Scarlett, along with a new Joe, Crosshair, storm Wingfield's compound. He's ready for them, however, Dkembe busts out in their van. Jinx and Scarlett chases him down via motorcycle, and Jinx hops into the van, subduing him violently.

In Louisiana, Chuckles flees out of the back of the house and the Baroness and Zandar storm in. He jumps in his car, but not before the Baroness shoots him in the leg. Before he can get the car in gear, she shoots out the tires - and he passes out on the steering wheel.

In Seattle, the Joes tell Dkembe he'll be fine if he gets to a hospital - but they'll only take him there if he talks. Not far away, Wingfield makes his escape with another associate, telling the man to call the communications hub and tell them to prepare for the endgame...

Summary by: Josh Kern