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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: August 2003
Series: Frontline
Issue Number: 12

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At a Colorado missile base that has been hijacked by Tyler Wingfield, the Joe team of Beach Head, Flash, Tripwire & Airtight is being held at gun point. Chuckles, who is undercover, has his gun held to Beach Head. They are helped out by an agent of the CIA. Tyler's girlfriend, Azura, stabs Tyler in the back and then helps the Joes disarm the missiles before they launch. Several Cobras are captured, along with Chuckles who chooses to remain undercover.

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Notes of Interest

See Marvel issue #4 for more history on the Wingfield family.

Major Players

The Joes: Airtight, Beach Head, Chuckles, Flash, Tripwire

Special Joe Appearances: Hawk, Lift Ticket, Rip Cord, Scarlett, Stalker

Cobra: Wild Weasel, Crimson Guard Immortal.

The Enemy: Tyler Wingfield, Azure

Additional Characters: Dr. Masoud Sharifi, Agent Caulder, Hector Ramirez

Creative Team

Writer: Brandon Jerwa,
Pencils: Eddy Barrows,
Inks: Cory Hamscher,
Colors: Lynx Studios,
Letters: Dreamer Design,
Graphic Design: Mike Norton,

Cover: Francis Manapul, Cory Hamscher & Steve Co

Full Details

Beach Head, Flash, Airtight & Tripwire have been captured by Tyler Wingfield, the son of Vance Wingfield. An undercover Chuckles is placed in the position of having to execute one of the Joes in front of Wingfield, Wild Weasel & Crimson Guard Immortal. A CIA agent, Caulder, that had been undercover as a Cobra driver comes rushing in to cause a distraction. That allows Chuckles to avoid shooting Beach Head, who he was holding a gun to his head.

As the battle goes on, Wild Weasel and several Crimson Guardsmen give up, Tyler Wingfield makes his escape and the Joe team is freed.

Wingfield meets up at his command center inside the missile base that he has captured. He starts the launch sequence that will fire off two missiles each carrying the very deadly virus, Death Angel. Azure, Wingfield's girlfriend, stabs him in the back as the Joe team invades the command center. But the launch sequence has already begun.

As the countdown begins the Joe team with the help of Azure spreads out to disarm the missiles. Tripwire climbs up on top to manually pull out the virus containers. Airtight works on the other. Beach Head has the opportunity to escape but decides to stay with Airtight & Tripwire. As Azure & Agent Caulder are watching the Joes disarm the missiles, Tyler Wingfield bleeding from the knife wound sneaks away, unnoticed.

Outside, Flash has thought to destroy the power source that runs the facility as a way to stop the launch. As the countdown goes from 40 seconds to 7 seconds Airtight & Tripwire are able to remove the virus, and Flash blows up the power station thereby aborting the launch.

As Hector Ramirez of 20 Questions gives his news report on the incident, the Joe team minus Chuckles watches. The news report talk about Vance Wingfield's (Tyler's father) First Strike and how his wife, Shary Wingfield who is now in the witness protection program, killed him.

Beach Head reminds the team that Chuckles is still out there working undercover, only now it is truly from the inside, the inside of Blackwater Prison.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen