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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: August 2003
Series: Frontline
Issue Number: 11

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Chuckles is undercover in Extensive Enterprises. A plane is hijacked with a preeminent bio-scientist, Dr. Masoud Sharifi who is carrying the virus Death Angel. A GI Joe team consisting of Beach Head, Flash, Airtight & Tripwire is sent to stop the hijackers who have now taken control of a missile base in Colorado. Tyler Wingfield is leading this group of hijackers. Chuckles arrives at the missile base with some Cobras just as the Joe team has been captured.

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Notes of Interest

See Marvel issue #4 for more history on the Wingfield family.

Major Players

The Joes: Airtight, Beach Head, Chuckles, Flash, Tripwire

Special Joe Appearances: Duke, Lift Ticket

Cobra: Wild Weasel, Crimson Guard Immortal

The Enemy: Tyler Wingfield, Azure

Additional Characters: Dr. Masoud Sharifi, Captain Hatfield, CIA Agent Caulder

Creative Team

Writer: Brandon Jerwa,
Pencils: Eddy Barrows,
Inks: Cory Hamscher,
Colors: Lynx Studios,
Letters: Dreamer Design,
Graphic Design: Mike Norton,

Cover: Francis Manapul, Cory Hamscher & Steve Co

Full Details

At McCord Air Force Base in Washington State, a plane mysteriously vanishes off of radar seconds after radio contact is lost... a plane carrying top secret cargo.

The next morning, two blond men cross each others paths while jogging in Central Park in New York City. They run side-by-side for a short time, and their identities become clear - Duke is meeting up with Chuckles, who's deep undercover in Extensive Enterprises, and therefore, Cobra. Chuckles tells Duke Cobra didn't take the plane, but whoever did, is offering to sell its cargo to Cobra - and Cobra is sending Chuckles to handle the transfer of payment. Duke explains the plane carries a bio-lab capable of creating a viral weapon that makes Ebola look like the flu.

Duke says the Joes will ambush the payment meeting, and get the plane back.

Unknown to both men, they are being watched, however...

In Colorado, the missing plane occupies a hangar while a large bald men tells a group of armed men - the hijackers - they have done good work. They bring forward the lone survivor of the crew - a doctor who has the access codes to the lab.

At Wright-Patterson AFB, two green berets share a chuckle at the names on the list of the day's visitors - Gambello, Schnurr, Skoog and Sneeden. Naturally, the four visitors are standing right behind them, and the pair gets a decent chewing out from Sneeden - also known as Beach Head. The much more good-natured Airtight introduces Beach Head and himself, along with Flash and Tripwire, before shaking one of the soldier's hands... and it's the old fake hand trick! Airtight jovially says he's got a spare while the shell-shocked soldier looks on. Beach Head begs that they please just get a move on...

Duke briefs the four Joes on the mission, explaining that the doctor - one Masoud Sharifi - is an Iranian, whose conscience finally kicked in and agreed to sell his bio-weapons secrets to the States. The four-man team will jump in, get into the lab, get the bio-weapon, and get out.

In Colorado, the man in charge relaxes with his ladyfriend, the beautiful Azure. Holding up a photo of his parents - a very familiar pair of people - he tells Azure how rare it is to defeat one's enemies with one blow. He bitterly complains that his father never did, and as his father grew older, he became careless, and allowed his mother to exploit him. He is then informed that the Cobra Courier - Chuckles - has arrived in Denver. As he looks at surveillance photos of Chuckles and Duke, he places a call to Extensive Enterprises...

At the airport, Chuckles, going by the name Charles Joseph, is picked up in a Cobra limo, whose driver claims to be a CIA agent. They head toward the rendezvous,

Above, in a chopper piloted by Lift-Ticket, the Joe team prepares to jump. The get the green light and jump into the night sky - Tripwire, of course, trips on the way out the plane.

At the airfield, the bald man - revealed as the heir to the Wingfield family - watches the Joes move in. He toasts to "power" with Azure. Once he releases the bio-weapon, the world will begin anew, with him as Adam and her as his Eve. He shows her the real plan - a missile system that will deliver the weapons across the globe...

On their approach to the airfield, Airtight asks Beach Head what the plan is should Chuckles be caught in the middle. Beach Head says that they can't risk his cover - and that sometimes, you have to put a bullet in a friend to save his life. As the approach, the Joes are surprised by the lack of guards - a mere two, which Beach Head quickly silences.

They take the plane, and Flash melts the lock on the bio-lab. Unfortunately, that's exactly what Wingfield wanted - and he and his men arrive just in time to capture the Joes from behind. Now they have four prisoners and complete access to the lab - including the virus.

Chuckles arrives, backed up by Wild Weasel, a Crimson Guard Immortal and two Crimson Guards. He hands over the money to Wingfield, but before Wingfield completes his side of the deal, he reveals to Joseph that he knows he's working for the Joes!

Chuckles talks his way out of it by stating he's in fact a double agent working for Cobra Commander, to spy on Extensive Enterprises and the Crimson twins.

Wingfield says there's only one way for Chuckles to prove himself - he brings out the four Joe prisoners and orders Chuckles to kill one of them...

Summary by: Josh Kern