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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: July 2003
Series: Frontline
Issue Number: 10

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Young Zanya is in her room listening to a fight between her mother and her boyfriend. Her mother comes into the room and tells her that her father is Zartan. Years later at a Dreadnok party Zanya confronts her father. Her Aunt Zarana doesn't believe her. But Zartan has a talk with Zanya to determine the truth. Meanwhile, Zanya's boyfriend, Kevin Schulte has turned against her on a final Dreadnok initiation assignment. She beats him up and chooses to join her father and Dreadnoks.

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Notes of Interest

The story of Zanya's life, how she met her father, Zartan and became part of the Dreadnoks.

Major Players

Dreadnoks: Zanya, Zartan, Zarana, Buzzer, Monkeywrench, Ripper, Zanizbar, Gnawgahyde, Roadpig, Torch

Additional Characters: Zanya's boyfriend Kevin Schulte, Zanya's mothe

Creative Team

Writer: Sean McKeever,
Pencils: Francis Portella,
Inks: Francis Portella,
Colors: Estudio Din & Mita,
Letters: Dreamer Design,
Graphic Design: Mike Norton,

Cover: Francis Manapul, Cory Hamscher, Din & Mita

Full Details

In Chicago, young Zanya listens to her mother and her boyfriend argue over money, and the fact that she constantly compares him to another man - Zartan.

When her mother emerges, battered, Zanya asks simply, "who's Zartan?"

"Didn't I tell you already?" Her mother asks. "He's yer daddy."

Several years later, at the Dreadnok pad, Zanya and her "manager," Kevin, join the party as the newest members of the gang. Kevin, completely full of himself, seems to forget that it's really Zanya who got them where they are.

Zanya, however, has other things on her mind. She approaches Zartan with a challenge to throw down! He dismisses her, but she jumps him anyway.

Zartan, not wanting to fight a girl half his size, sidesteps her blows, before finally pinning her on the ground, where he admits he's impressed with her spirit. She says he should be, and tells him she's his daughter.

"Nice try," he says, walking away.

Kevin berates her for screwing around, but she tells him it's the truth. Zarana, meanwhile, is not impressed, and tells Zanya she won't be pulling any cons on her brother and the Dreadnoks. She then proceeds to demonstrate for Kevin just what she means!

Zarana heads off to see Zartan, who is obviously a little shaken by Zanya's claim. He doesn't necessarily believe her, but she's about the right age for the time he spent in Chicago, and he says there's something familiar about her...

In the past, Zanya's mother's boyfriend storms out, but her mother pleads with him to stay. As they argue, Zanya sits on her bed, playing with a box of matches...

In a Florida bar, Kevin runs across the young brunette he met in Kansas City, who gives him the cold shoulder until he mentions he's in with the 'Noks. He tells her Zanya was just a means to an end, but quickly realizes Zarana is nearby, listening...

Kevin reports back to Zanya that he thinks Zarana has got to go. After all, he says, she's next in line to take over Dreadnok operations if Zartan goes - or she was, until they came along. Zanya chooses to remind Kevin that she's his daughter, not Kevin, so only she'd be next in line, which enrages Kevin.

Before he can attack her, though, Zartan enters. He says he and Zanya need to talk.

He asks her how her mother died. She tells him - she and her boyfriend were trapped in a fire. Zartan tells her he believes her, and offers her a choice - stay with him and learn, or go and live her life without any interference from him. She chooses to stay and go the distance.

Later, in Jacksonville, Kevin, Zanya and Zarana prepare to break into a factory to steal a new prototype amphibious ATV. Zarana sneaks around front to take out the guards, and Kevin says now's there chance to take her out once and for all. Kevin follows Zarana in though the front, leaving Zanya to sneak in behind them...

Years earlier, Zanya's mother storms in on her, belt in hand, irate that Zanya has burned her bedsheets. Still playing with matches, this time Zanya refuses to be the victim, and fights back...

Back in the present, Zanya gets the drop - on Kevin. She beats him senseless, telling him to leave - and never come back.

Zarana tells Zanya she passed the test - but nothing has changed between them...

The other Dreadnoks arrive, and welcome her to the family. Zartan smiles down approvingly.

Summary by: Josh Kern