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YoJoe ID: CMC-DHR-1982-ALLTHISA-#4, VOL. 2

Publisher: Dark Horse
Issue Date: September 1996
Series: G.I. Joe Extreme
Issue Number: 4, Vol. 2

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Two short stories: one a standalone story about virtual reality training the other a prelude to an unfinished story.

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Notes of Interest

Modern day Joes in a WWII setting. Sneak peek at the cover of what would have been issue #5.

Major Players

GIJOE Extreme: Mayday, Metalhead, Quick Stryke, Ballistic (Eagle Eye), Sgt. Savage, Mr. Clancy

Creative Team

"All this and World War II" - Writer: Mike W. Barr, Penciller: Joel Naprstek, Inker: Carlos Garzon "The Last Wild Heart: Part 1 (The Fourth Man)" - Writer: Nathaniel Lachenmeyer, Artist: Frank Teran Cover Artist: Joel Naprstek Both Stories - Colorist: David Nestelle, Letterer: Tracey Hampton-Munsey, Desinger: Cary Grazzini, Editor: Philip Amara, Publisher: Mike Richardson

Full Details

Sgt. Savage parachutes into a Nazi patrol wearing WWII gear and carrying a Thompson. He deals with the patrol quickly and takes one of their uniforms. He enters a Nazi chateau he finds his objective and begins to rifle through a file cabinet. He is found out and when he refuses to surrender the Nazis open fire. He picks up the file off the floor that he was after and then disappears?

What seemed like a flashback proves to be a new form of training. Metalhead calls it VRT Virtual Reality training. Sgt Savage makes the comment it was just like being there.

Sgt Savage was testing the new device on a solo mission, now the device has to be tested with multiple subjects. Quick Stryke Mayday and Eagle Eye (Ballistic) have been chosen. Sgt. Savage volunteers himself to go along as well.

At first it seems like an amusement park ride, the Joes board a B-25 and take a ride. Using the file Sgt. Savage obtained they head off on a mission. Then things start happening, a flock of Messerschmitts attack and the pilot is killed. Just then in the real world a storm causes a power surge. The Joes get a jolt. Metalhead comes over the microphone and informs them they are now locked into the training he can't get them out. The only way for them to get out is to complete their mission. One more snag, if they get killed in the simulator they will die in real life.

The Nazi pilots destroy the B-25. Mayday uses her expert piloting skills and crash lands. However they are soon surrounded and taken to a Nazi concentration camp. Once in the camp they are treated poorly by the Colonel and see the deplorable conditions. They also see their objective, to rescue Professor Rhineman. The Joes waste no time they attack they Colonel and his troops. They gain an advantage by capturing the Colonel and hold him at gunpoint. Having no choice he orders his men to stand down. The team takes Professor Rhineman and makes their escape. The Nazis follow and fire on them. Sgt Savage tells the rest of them to get the Professor out of there and he volunteers to stay behind and hold them off. Mayday protests. The Sarge is cut down in a hail of rifle fire and killed as the Professor is freed.

Back at Joe Island now that they are out of the simulator it appears that Sarge was actually killed. He is not moving slumped in his chair. He then lifts his head. Lucky for him the Professor was freed and the mission complete before he was killed. Anything that happened after that just didn't count.

Metalhead however may not be so lucky.

The Last Wild Heart: Mr. Clancy is showing a piece of documentary footage that was recently discovered to one of his men. It is a film about four men who are documenting their journey to Irian Jaya in Indonesia . Nothing out of the ordinary really, a bunch of native guides, a typical safari type trip, walking through the jungle etc. The original cameraman was ill and another person took his place.

Then the men stumble deeper in the jungle and find many new species of unknown animals. As Clancy and our unknown viewer watch; things go bad. The natives suddenly turn on the men. They are felled in a hail of arrows. The mystery viewer asks Clancy what the reason is he is watching this film. Then a man walks into the frame he looks mad, crazy, wild he goes to the camera which is now on its side. For some reason he must have wanted these men dead. The man in the chair recognizes him the light of the movie reflecting off the scar on his face. "Dr. Christie" he says.

This was to be continued in issue 5 but as this was the last issue of GIJOE Extreme, many plot points such as who the man with the scar is or who Dr Christie is was never revealed.

Summary by Ted Jacobson