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YoJoe ID: CMC-DHR-1982-ISLANDAS-#3, VOL. 2

Publisher: Dark Horse
Issue Date: August 1996
Series: G.I. Joe Extreme
Issue Number: 3, Vol. 2

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The Joes battle their doubles. Meanwhile Iron Klaw and Red Scream both head to Joe Island while they Joes are busy. Then all three factions fight on the island when Red Screams true goal is revealed, to steal the Joes new technology.

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Notes of Interest

Death of Red Scream, Wreckage's conflicted nature.

Major Players

Coming Soon.Skar: Iron Klaw. Wreckage, Rampage Inferno

GIJOE Extreme: Black Dragon, Freight, Lt. Stone, Mayday, Metalhead, Quick Stryke, Harpoon, Ballistic (Eagle Eye), Sgt. Savage, Mr. Clancy

Other: Red Scream, Commander Roston

Creative Team

Full Details

Surprised to run into a group of foes that look, talk, and have their same combat skills and personality, the Joes are soon toe to toe with their exact duplicates. Each team member takes on their mirror image. Iron Klaw withdraws his temporary alliance and his troops, Wreckage disagrees with the decision but as he has no choice he too leaves. Iron Klaw points out this is the same military Wreckage hates so much for what they did to him. There is no argument from Rampage and Inferno they gladly leave the Joes to fend for themselves.

The team is at a stalemate until Lt. Stone yells out to change partners. After they switch adversaries the tide begins to turn. Mayday takes on Black Dragon, Lt. Stone takes on Mayday, Metalhead takes on Sgt. Savage, Ballistic (Eagle Eye) takes on Harpoon, Quick Stryke takes on Metalhead, Black Dragon takes on Freight, Sgt savage takes on Ballistic (Eagle Eye). Soon the doppelgangers are defeated. Now that they have proof they can clear themselves. Lt. Stone has figured out however that while this is going on the real attack may be on Joe Island .

Commander Roston has a Red Scream outfit hanging in her closet.

The Joes tie up the doubles and take their transport. They find out that Iron Klaw must have stumbled onto Red Scream's scheme as well because he is headed to Joe Island as well. Iron Klaw is already there and he assumes the Joes were defeated by their doubles. Red Scream lands on the island revealing her true purpose of acquiring the Joes technology.

Iron Klaw attacks red Scream wanting the gadgets for his own evil purposes. The Joes begin to parachute in. Red Scream offers up an alliance to Rampage. Wreckage won't go for such treachery he shoots Rampage. Iron Klaw fires at Red Scream and the Joes now on the ground join in the battle.

Red Scream heads to the sonic tank that takes sound and turns it into a weapon (Issue 1). When Lt. Stone expresses his concern for that, Iron Klaw goes after the tank himself. Red Scream enters the tank and prepares to fire the weapon. The tank explodes. The Joes capture Iron Klaw. As they stand over Red Scream's body they can see she is Commander Roston. The Captain (issue 2) shows up and tells them he sabotaged the tank. Lt. Stone is glad to see his old leader; he was believed to be dead. When offered to take back the team he declines and passes on the mantle of leadership to Stone. Freight knowing Wreckage is on the wrong side defends him to another team member. Stone passing by Iron Klaw's cell mentions keeping your word or paying the price after Klaw tasks him on breaking the alliance by imprisoning him when in all actuality it was Klaw who broke his word not Lt. Stone.

Summary by Ted Jacobson