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YoJoe ID: CMC-DHR-1982-SHAKEHAN-#2, VOL. 2

Publisher: Dark Horse
Issue Date: July 1996
Series: G.I. Joe Extreme
Issue Number: 2, Vol. 2

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The Joes meet their new temporary teammates Inferno, Rampage, and Wreckage. They go after information on how they were framed and seek out what the purpose of the doppelganger project is.

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Notes of Interest

Rampage has to buy his own rescue.

Major Players

Skar: Iron Klaw. Wreckage, Rampage Inferno

GIJOE Extreme: Black Dragon, Freight, Lt. Stone, Mayday, Metalhead, Quick Stryke, Harpoon, Ballistic (Eagle Eye), Sgt. Savage, Mr. Clancy

Other: Red Scream, Commander Roston, Count Von Raini

Creative Team

Full Details

The Joes raid an Interalliance weapons testing facility and re-arm themselves. They are spotted by an Interalliance helicopter. Ballistic (Eagle Eye) returns fire missing on purpose. Lt. Stone leads the team to their destination; there they rendezvous with Rampage Inferno and Wreckage. Sgt Savage begins to attack but stands down when ordered to do so by Lt. Stone. Iron Klaw enters explaining the alliance, which is a shaky one at best, there is bickering between the two foes and any minute Klaw could turn the tables to his advantage. Commander Roston meets with Mr. Clancy. He orders the Joes brought in alive he has plans and an ace up his sleeve.

The newly joined forces enter the compound of Premiere Standak who is dealing with Red Scream. Mayday impersonates Red Scream to get a confession or some info from the Premiere. While they are talking the real Red Scream fatally shoots the Premiere. Before he dies he utters the codeword "doppelganger". From there the team heads to the refugee camp they were to have destroyed. Interalliance forces find them. Metalhead picks up the signal from a tracer. It comes from Rampage. He sold out the Joes for the reward money. The Joes resist the intrusion and push back the troops. Metalhead uses a sonic weapon and the Joes are able to flee. Ballistic (Eagle Eye) and Harpoon knock down Rampage who begs them not to leave him behind to be caught. Taking advantage of the situation they bargain with him and make a deal with Rampage. If he pays them double...each, then they will take him with them.

The new team of Joes and Klaw forces go after the Doppelganger files. Lt. Stone discusses his old team leader. Iron Klaw presses him for more information but it seems all Lt. Stone knows is he disappeared. Freight, Quick Stryke, Black Dragon, Wreckage, and another, try to gain access to the computer files. As they do Iron Klaw and Lt. Stone set off explosions randomly as a diversion. They find the info in the computer. Mr. Clancy shows up but it is a man in disguise he sends some troops in the wrong direction. Lt Stone encounters his old leader the man calls him Sgt. Instead of Lt. Stone recognizes him but the mission comes first. Lt. Stone and Iron Klaw try to download the proof they need to show they were framed. Commander Roston at her terminal far away doesn't let it happen. She erases everything. Defeated the Joes return to the warehouse only to run into...themselves.

Summary by Ted Jacobson