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Publisher: Dark Horse
Issue Date: June 1996
Series: G.I. Joe Extreme
Issue Number: 1, Vol. 2

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The Joes seemingly attack an Interalliance refugee camp. Iron Klaw finds himself under attack from a new enemy the Red Scream. The Joes are arrested put on trial, escape, and form an alliance with Iron Klaw.

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Notes of Interest

G.I.JOE Extreme and Iron Klaw form an alliance.

Major Players

Skar: Iron Klaw

GIJOE Extreme: Black Dragon, Freight, Lt. Stone, Mayday, Metalhead, Quick Stryke, Harpoon, Ballistic (Eagle Eye), Sgt. Savage, Mr. Clancy

Other: Red Scream, Commander Roston, Count Von Raini

Creative Team

Full Details

The Joes invade an Interalliance refugee camp and wreak havoc, killing unarmed civilians and destroying food stores and generators. A pawn interrupts Iron Klaw in the middle of his training session with a white tiger. He relays the news of the Joes assault on the camp and then someone attacks. She calls herself the Red Scream and she was testing his defenses, she says she is not impressed.

The Joes are on Joe Island testing a new type of sonic weapon. A plane flies in and lands. Mr. Clancy and Commander Roston get out and demand their immediate surrender. They comply.

Red Scream meets with the leaders of several countries being courted by Interalliance. She rallies them against joining citing that they would be better off not joining.

The Joes are now on trial at the Interalliance World Court . The trial proceeds quickly and they are found almost unanimously guilty. The one dissenting vote belongs to Count Von Raini, who is Iron Klaw himself. Before the Joes are taken away Freight causes a diversion and they escape. We then see Mr. Clancy meet with Dr. Johannson (From the Ashes) He asks for her help in finding someone. He knows the Joes were framed and they will need help.

The fugitive Joes go to the factory where the two Joes Tall Sally and Short Fuze were killed stopping Iron Klaw from twisting Ferti-gel into a weapon (GIJOE Extreme miniseries #4). They think no one will think to look for them there. Apparently Iron Klaw is an exception he walks out of the shadows. Before the Joes attack he proposes an alliance, and Lt. Stone agrees.

Summary by Ted Jacobson