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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: April 1996
Series: G.I. Joe Extreme
Issue Number: 4

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Coming Soon. The Joes battle the forces of Skar and rescue Quick Stryke. They continue advancing and find the corpse of the Duchess. Now they know Iron Klaw has devised a way to use Ferti-gel as a weapon and they attempt to stop him.

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Notes of Interest

Cover by Frank Teran, First time the Joes say "not on my watch," Death of Tall Sally and Short Fuze.

Major Players

Skar: Iron Klaw, Duchess, Rampage, Inferno, Wreckage, Skyrenes

GIJOE Extreme: Black Dragon, Freight, Lt. Stone, Mayday, Metalhead, Quick Stryke, Harpoon, Ballistic, Sgt. Savage, Short Fuze, Tall Sally, Mr. Clancy

Other: Professor Reyland

Creative Team

"The Ultimate Price" - Writer: Mike W. Barr, Penciller: Tatsuya Ishida, Inker: Scott Reed. "From the Ashes Part 4" - Writer: Mike W. Barr, Story: Mike Richardson, Penciller: Jerry Bingham, Inker: Steve Mitchell Cover Artist: Walter Simonson Both Stories - Colorist: David Nestelle, Cover Color: David Nestelle & Jim Johns, Letterer: Tracey Hampton-Munsey, Desinger: Gary Grazzini, Editor: Philip Amara, Publisher: Mike Richardson

Full Details

Wreckage, Rampage, and Inferno were waiting for the rest of the team in a dungeon in Mklavia. An unknown person frees Quick Stryke from his bonds and Quick Stryke rejoins the rest of the team fighting the three foes.

The trio of Skar agents surrounds the team. Or so they think they do. It turns out these weren't Joes they were holograms. Using the surprise element the team attacks. Mayday disables Inferno's flamethrowers, Quick Stryke uses an electrified Wreckage (who wasn't affected really) to knock out Rampage which in turn "shorts out" Wreckage.

The Joes press onward finding the body of the Duchess and figuring out that Iron Klaw has found a way to turn Ferti-gel into a weapon. The Joes escape in a Skar jet and head to where the modified Ferti-gel is being made.

Iron Klaw subdues a protesting Professor Reyland and proceeds to poison the supply of Ferti-gel. The stolen Skar jet crashes into the side of the building and the team hops out. Short Fuze and Tall Sally are in the lead and reach the tanks of poison first. They place the explosives knowing full well what they are about to do. The holding tanks explode and Tall Sally and Short Fuze are caught in the wave of poison, killing them. Metalhead cries out Sally's name.

Iron Klaw perturbed at having his plans foiled orders his troops to stay behind and fend off the Joes as he escapes.

At the funeral for Tall Sally and Short Fuze Mayday gives a handwritten letter to Sally's parents and Stone gives some comforting words to Short Fuze's pregnant wife. Then Stone asks "The Iron Klaw thinks he got away with this, but did he Joes?" to which they reply in unison: "Not on my watch!"

From the Ashes: Mr. C contacts the President with the news of the attack, no survivors.

Back at the cabin Lieutenant "Li..." and Dr. Johannson realize that the next target for this saboteur will be the funeral as the President is supposed to attend.

The saboteur readies himself, as does Mr. C. Mr. C.; leaves his office and walks right into a face full of gas from...himself?

Dr. Johannson and the Lieutenant who is disguised as Mr. C. go to the service. He figures out that the bomb is in a casket and rescues the President. Seeing his plans ruined the bomber flees only to be caught by the Lieutenant in disguise.

Later in the White House, the President liking this new idea of a covert operative, lets the Lieutenant officially call himself G.I.Joe.

Epilogue: In a prison cell sits the saboteur, a shadowy figure frees him. The figure then recruits him and gives him the name Inferno. Inferno asks the man his identity but there is no response all we see is his silhouette of a cape and claw.

Summary by Ted Jacobson