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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: March 1996
Series: G.I. Joe Extreme
Issue Number: 3

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Coming Soon. Quick Stryke battles Rampage and is captured. Mayday and Ballistic rescue Lt. Stone and Mr. Clancy. Iron Klaw kills the Duchess. The Joes find out where Quick Stryke has disappeared to and go after him.

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Notes of Interest

Cover by Walter Simonson, Inferno and Wreckage first appearance.

Major Players

Skar: Iron Klaw, Duchess, Rampage, Inferno, Wreckage, Skyrenes

GIJOE Extreme: Black Dragon, Freight, Lt. Stone, Mayday, Metalhead, Quick Stryke, Harpoon, Ballistic, Sgt. Savage, Short Fuze, Tall Sally, Mr. Clancy

Other: Professor Reyland

Creative Team

"The Gang's All Here" - Writer: Mike W. Barr, Penciller: Tatsuya Ishida, Inker: Scott Reed. "From the Ashes Part 3" - Writer: Mike W. Barr, Story: Mike Richardson, Artist: Jerry Bingham Cover Artist: Walter Simonson Both Stories - Colorist: David Nestelle, Cover Color: David Nestelle & Jim Johns, Letterer: Tracey Hampton-Munsey, Desinger: Gary Grazzini, Editor: Philip Amara, Publisher: Mike Richardson

Full Details

Quick Stryke is fighting Rampage after being led into a trap. He was hoping to find his brother who is a member or was a member of Skar. He knocks out Rampage and goes to his brother's aid only to find that a mannequin is in the restraints and not his brother as he hoped. Rampage returns and turns into a green-skinned creature of great power and strength and he attacks.

Lt. Stone and Mr. Clancy, after being thrown out the side of the plane they were in, are now falling to the earth. Mayday and Ballistic bail out of their chopper and catch Stone and Clancy in midair and save them. Lt. Stone chews Mayday out.

The rest of the team disables the plane. Iron Klaw knocks down one of his own men and takes a two person survival craft alone and escapes. Harpoon shoots down one of Skar's jets which crashes into the demonstration of the Ferti-gel.

Back in Mklavia Quick Stryke is now being held captive by two Skyrenes. A transmission to Rampage from Iron Klaw sets up a trap for the rest of GIJOE Extreme.

Metalhead searches Quick Stryke's computer looking for a reason to explain his disappearance. He finds the message and after a hug from Tall Sally the team heads to Mklavia.

Iron Klaw meets with the Duchess and they share a toast. Unfortunately for her Iron Klaw has poisoned her glass with modified Ferti-gel. She dies. He then demands loyalty and obedience from her followers under penalty of death.

The team arrives at the dungeon in Mklavia and takes out a few guards with little effort. More imposing enemies await them as they see Rampage, Inferno, and Wreckage ready to attack.

From the Ashes: The Lieutenant rises from the ashes of his former base and looks for survivors. The only one he finds is Dr. Johannson. She bandages his wounds and they search for more survivors but find none. The badly injured Lieutenant collects the eleven dog tags and before he leaves he plants a torn flag with the units badge on it in the ground.

The flag is found by one of the investigators.

The Lieutenant and the Doctor retreat to the cabin of his boyhood in the woods. They plan to stay out of sight. She changes his bandages and sees the long scar across his face. She starts to call him by name as they look in the mirror but he stops her. He tells her that from now on his name is G.I.Joe. Summary by Ted Jacobson