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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: January 1996
Series: G.I. Joe Extreme
Issue Number: 2

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GIJOE Extreme has to protect Professor Reyland's demonstration of Ferti-gel in action. Quick Stryke gets a message and suddenly goes AWOL looking for his brother. Someone goes after Count Von Raini but after they find Iron Klaw instead, they wind up joining him.

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Notes of Interest

Cover by Norm Breyfogle, Rampage First Appearance.

Major Players

Coming Soon.Skar: Iron Klaw, Duchess, Rampage

GIJOE Extreme: Black Dragon, Freight, Lt. Stone, Mayday, Metalhead, Quick Stryke, Harpoon, Ballistic, Sgt. Savage, Short Fuze, Tall Sally, Mr. Clancy

Other: Professor Reyland

Creative Team

"Pawn of the Iron Claw" - Writer: Mike W. Barr, Penciller: Tatsuya Ishida, Inker: Scott Reed. "From the Ashes Part 2" - Writer: Mike W. Barr, Story: Mike Richardson, Artist: Jerry Bingham Cover Artist: Norm Breyfogle Both Stories - Colorist: David Nestelle, Letterer: Tracey Hampton-Munsey, Desinger: Gary Grazzini, Editor: Philip Amara, Publisher: Mike Richardson

Full Details

Iron Klaw and the Duchess discuss ways to return her to the throne of Mklavia.

Lt. Stone and the rest of the team break up a Skar installation in search of Iron Klaw. When Harpoon and Ballistic mention possibly mistreating their prisoners, Quick Stryke reminds them that he and his brother were once members of Skar. Iron Klaw sees the conversation on surveillance monitors and wonders how he can turn that situation to his advantage.

Mayday and Tall Sally discuss "snail-mail" and how Tall Sally feels a personal letter is more intimate. Tall Sally mentions something about Metalhead and refers to him by his first name. Mayday asks if there is something to it.

Mr. Clancy briefs the Joes on their next mission. Protect the Professor at a demonstration of Ferti-gel.

In the Hotel Kalistan Mr. Barbican learns from the desk clerk that Count Von Raini is not in his room. He then scales the outside of the building in hopes of breaking in and finding where the Ferti-gel is stored so he can steal it and turn it into a weapon. He breaks into the room to find Iron Klaw who then recruits him after seeing his unique talent of transformation into a savage man.

On his way to join the others for the mission, Quick Stryke receives a message which shocks him and he disappears.

Mr. Clancy and Professor Reyland board a plane to transport the Ferti-gel. Iron Klaw has snuck on board and he attacks. Professor Reyland then takes off his mask and reveals he is Lt. Stone in disguise. Lt. Stone and Mr. Clancy fight Iron Klaw on board the plane as Mayday and Ballistic fly in to help out. They shoot the aircraft putting a big hole in the side. Iron Klaw then knocks Clancy and Stone out the hole and they plummet towards the ground

Quick Stryke reaches his destination, the place that his brother was supposed to be. It is all a trap however and waiting for him there is a new villain.

From the Ashes: Washington D.C. 1996. Our bandaged hero rescues Dr. Johannson from a sniper. He takes her for a limo ride and convinces her he needs her for a project to train soldiers for a special force to stop the saboteur doing the bombings. The saboteur watches them.

This hero who is called Mr. C by the doctor searches for applicants for the Doctor's project. They work on narrowing down the candidates in rigorous testing until only 12 are left. The dozen celebrate they get their dog tags which say G.I. on them and then light off some fireworks. To one of them it brings up the memory of how he and his father used to watch fireworks on the Fourth. Then an explosion hits as the saboteur blows up their base leaving debris and bodies all over.

Summary by Ted Jacobson