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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: February 1989
Series: European Missions (Reprints)
Issue Number: 9

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Diamond Lies
Cover Girl undercover as a diamond model is used as bait for a Cobra trap. Weaponsmith a Cobra agent captures Cover Girl and her diamond, which is a fake. After she is captured the Action Force team rescues her and she kills Weaponsmith.

Cut and Run!
A captured Cobra Eel escapes from Action Force's base as Scarlett and Snake-Eyes train for a mission.

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Notes of Interest

European Missions is actually a US reprint of an original UK Action Force Monthly stories.
Cut and Run! originally appeared in Action Force #2.

Cut and Run! - Snake-Eyes and Scarlett are recognized as Action Force's American operatives.

Major Players

Diamond Lies
Action Force: Bazooka, Barbeque, Beach Head, Cover Girl, Flint, Leatherneck, Low Light, Roadblock, Sci-Fi, Shipwreck, Wild Bill

Cobra: Copperhead, Serpentor, Weaponsmith (deceased)

Cut and Run!
Action Force: Flint, Footloose, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes

Cobras: Eel

Creative Team

Diamond Lies
Script: Simon Furman,
Pencils: Robin Smith,
Inks: Dave Elliott,
Letters: Annie H.,
Colour: Stuart Place
Cover Artist: Geoff Senior

Cut and Run!
Script: Simon Furman,
Pencils: Kev Hopgood,
Inks: Dave Harwood,
Letters: Starkings,
Colour: Steve White

Full Details

Diamond Lies

The undercover Cover Girl models a huge diamond as Cobra attacks in Amsterdam. Weaponsmith, a Cobra agent, has created a special weapon that runs on diamonds. And the huge diamond that Cover Girl is wearing is an invitation to steal. With the help of Copperhead, they capture Cover Girl and her diamond and head off down a canal in a Water Moccasin.

Observing from the across the street, Flint along with Sci-Fi, Roadblock, Bazooka, Beach Head, Low Light, Shipwreck and Barbecue now start following the captured Cover Girl.

Weaponsmith shots several people as Cover Girl has to stand by and watch. Her mission is to discover why Cobra has been stealing so many diamonds. Weaponsmith has created a special laser gun that fires by focusing its beam through diamonds, the bigger the diamonds the better the laser fires.

The Cobras arrive at a windmill that is a temporary Cobra base. Now that Weaponsmith has lead Action Force to his base, they attack.

After a drawn out assault, Flint gains access to the interior as Weaponsmith, firing his new laser from the balcony of the windmill is destroying a lot of Action Force's vehicles. Cover girl is now free, she heads upstairs to Weaponsmith and steals his gun. Instead of giving up he attacks forcing Cover Girl to kill Weaponsmith.

Cut and Run

The Eel that Footloose recently captured on his last mission is being picked up for interrogation by American operatives Snake-Eyes and Scarlett. Flint has met them. They ask if they can go through a simulated training program wear they fight robots disguised as Cobra Eels in an area with access to water.

Elsewhere, Footloose has just been knocked out by the real Cobra Eel. He makes his way to escape. Realizing that the room Scarlett and Snake-Eyes are training in is the only way out, plus the opportunity to kill some unsuspecting Action Force members is too much for him to remain in hiding, so he sneak attacks Scarlett.

As Scarlett and Snake-Eyes fight off the simulated robots, the real Eel fires his harpoon at Scarlett. She is stabbed in her arm as Snake-Eyes has to avoid his own on coming harpoon. The Eel then escapes in to the water. Flint then begins to track the Eel hoping that he will lead them to Cobra's base.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen