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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: November 1988
Series: European Missions (Reprints)
Issue Number: 6

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As Thick as Thieves -
Destro led a failed attempt to gain a special weapon that Action Force was protecting. At a Cobra trial, He is questioned and released by Serpentor. Action force moves the special weapon to a remote location in the Himalayas.

Killer Instinct -
Footloose defuses a terrorist with a detonator. He then finds a missing civilian and prevents him from becoming a killer.

Ancient Relics Part 6 - As an air attack on Grimlock and Megatron is imminent, Centurion wakes up to rescue Grimlock and sacrifice himself to defeat the crazed Megatron.

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Notes of Interest

European Missions is actually a US reprint of an original UK Action Force Monthly stories.

Ancient Relics Part 6 originally appeared in Action Force #27. Ancient Relics is a story crossover with the regular Transformer comic series.

As Thick as Theives serves as a prelude to G.I.Joe the Movie.

Major Players

As Thick as Thieves
Action Force: Dusty, Hawk, Flint, Lady Jaye, Leatherneck, Roadblock, Scarlett

Cobra: Baroness, Cobra Commander, Destro, Serpentor, Tomax, Xamot

Additional Characters: Pythona (dream sequence Only)

Killer Instinct
Action Force: Footloose

Additional Characters: Edmunds

Ancient Relics Part 6
Action Force: Flint, Scarlett, Wild Bill

Autobots: Blades, Centurion, Grimlock

Decepticons: Megatron

Creative Team

As Thick as Thieves
Script: Mike Collins,
Art: Robin Smith,
Letters: Annie H.,
Colour: Stuart Place

Killer Instinct
Script: Dan Abnett,
Art/Letters: Bryan Hitch,
Colour: Stuart Place

Ancient Relics Part 6
Script: Simon Furman,
Pencils: Geoff Senior,
Inks:Dave Harwood,
Letters: Annie H., Colour: Steve White

Full Details

As Thick as Thieves
B.E.T. (Broadcast Energy Transmitter) is a special weapon that uses satellites to focus a beam of energy. Destro has just learn of the location and that it is about to be tested. Action Force lead by Hawk are supervising the B.E.T.'s first test located on a Pacific Island.

Destro, who is currently on trial in a Cobra court, led an assault to capture the B.E.T. for Cobra and Serpentor. Through this trial Tomax & Xamot get the story of Destro's failure. Destro personally leading the mission has his FANG's destroyed by Action Force's Dragonflys, but Destro is able to land on the island. Where he proceeds to shoot Hawk and beat up Flint in order to take control of the B.E.T. As he is about to activate the B.E.T. Scarlett scares him away. Destro then escapes leaving many Cobra dead, lots of vehicles destroyed and no B.E.T. Destro tells Serpentor that he was going to capture this B.E.T. for Cobra and present it to him as a gift. This was not his real motive. In fact he strapped a bomb to the B.E.T. but Scarlett defuses it. So he tells a lie to cover his motive. He was really intending to destroy the B.E.T. to protect his own interests. And this is why he is on trail, his loyalties are in question.

Defending him is the Baroness, Cobra Commander is a witness, Tomax & Xamot are the prosecution and Serpentor the judge. Serpentor has a weird vision, where Cobra-La leader Pythona comes to him telling him that Cobra needs the B.E.T. As he recovers from the vision, he forgives Destro, basically falling for Destro's lie.

Meanwhile, the Action Force has relocated the B.E.T. to a remote location in Himalayas.

Even though Destro failed to secure/destroy the B.E.T. he was successful in placing a transmitter on it. Now Cobra knows exactly where Action Force has taken it.

Killer Instinct
Footloose has just shot and killed a terrorist. He has prevented an explosion and takes control of the detonator. A clerk named Edmonds had fallen asleep at his desk, when Action Force evacuated the building. Footloose has now found him. As they walk past the dead terrorist a Crimson Guardsman attacks. Footloose is able to disarm him and knock him out.

Edmonds screams at Footloose to kill him. Instead, Footloose arrests the incapacitated Guardsman. He only killed the terrorist because he was a threat to all, whereas the Guardsman is helpless and now harmless. And he points out to Edmunds that he would never be the same again, if he had executed the Guardsman

Ancient Relics Part 6
Grimlock and Megatron are fighting in a natural gas plant. Flint has called in an air strike from a squadron of Skystrikers. This attack will destroy the plant, Megatron and Grimlock.

Wild Bill, unwilling to allow Grimlock to be sacrificed, pleads with Centurion to join the fight. Centurion had backed away from Megatron and was refusing to fight. Centurion had been defeated many years ago and is terrified. Wild Bill's pleads get through to him, and he has Blades drop him right on Megatron. As Grimlock is pulled away to safety, the Skystrikers fire and cause the gas planet to completely explode.

Centurion and Megatron are last seen covered in flames fall off the pier in the water

Summary by Josh Eggebeen