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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: October 1988
Series: European Missions (Reprints)
Issue Number: 5

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A B-2 bomber is shot down and the Action Force team is sent in to rescue the pilots from Cobra.

Ancient Relics Part 5
Megatron and Grimlock continue to fight, Heavy Metal's Maulers are destroyed and Flint orders an air strike on all of the Transformers.

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Notes of Interest

European Missions is actually a US reprint of an original UK Action Force Monthly stories.

Ancient Relics Part 5 originally appeared in Action Force #26. Ancient Relics is a story crossover with the regular Transformer comic series.

Major Players

Gunships Action Force: Bazooka, Beach Head, Dial Tone, Hawk, Flint, Footloose, Leatherneck, Lift Ticket, Roadblock, Snake-Eyes, Wild Bill

Cobra: Vipers

Additional Characters: B2 crew- Cap Mike Holloman & 2 crew members

Ancient Relics Part 5 Action Force: Airtight, Bazooka, Barbeque, Crankcase, Dusty, Flint, Heavy Metal, Scarlett, Wild Bill

Autobots: Blades, Centurion, Grimlock

Decepticons: Megatron

Creative Team

Script: Steve White,
Art: Robin Smith,
Letters: Gordon Robson,
Colour: Stuart Place
Cover Artist: Geoff Senior

Ancient Relics Part 5
Script: Simon Furman,
Pencils: Geoff Senior,
Inks: Dave Harwood,
Letters: Annie H.,
Colour: Steve White

Full Details


A B-2 bomber is shot down over an island near Indonesia. The 3 crew members are able to escape and are currently avoiding the Cobra soldiers. A squad of Dragonflys, Tomahawks and Skystrikers are sent to support the Action Force team as they go to rescue the pilots.

Captain Holloman is in radio contact with the Action Force team as they arrive. Flint as the commander orders one part of the team to set up a perimeter, as the rest of the team attempts to collect Cap Hollorman and one of crew members. Beach Head, Bazooka, Footloose, Roadblock and Leatherneck escape from a Tomahawk as it is blown up. Flint, Lift Ticket, Snake-Eyes and Dial Tone are shot down in their own Tomahawk. Dial Tone calls in an air strike on the Cobra ambush site. Wild Bill in his Dragonfly also attacks Cobra. Flint then orders an attack and the Action Force team kills many Cobra Vipers as it rescues Cap Hollorman and one of the crew members.

Snake-Eyes and Beach Head using heli-packs are able to chase after the last missing crew member who has now been captured by Cobra. Working as a team, Snake-Eyes grabs the B-2 crew member and Beach Head knocks out the Cobra. Additional, Cobras show up to attack. Snake-Eyes is forced to hide with the crew member as Beach Head in heli-pack gives them cover. Snake-Eyes then steals a Cobra Ferret collects the crew member and they all make their way make back to the rest of the Action Force team.

A heavy fire battle is happening as the Dragonfly's cover the extraction of the team. As they all load into a Tomahawk, the Skystrikers make a run that allows everyone to escape.

Ancient Relics Part 5

Megatron has temporarily defeated Grimlock, destroyed Heavy Metal's Maulers, Wild Bill's Dragonflys and is very, very mad. Flint doesn't have many options left. The Autobot Blades is too damaged to fight and Centurion is just watching. As Centurion watches he goes through a thought process remembering how easily he was defeated by Megatron.

Grimlock recovers and attacks Megatron again. They fight into a natural gas plant. Wild Bill and Flint inside Blades who is in helicopter mode call in an air strike from Skystrikers against Megatron. He is willing to sacrifice Grimlock in order to destroy Megatron.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen