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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: August 1988
Series: European Missions (Reprints)
Issue Number: 3

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Old Scores
Storm Shadow is on the hunt to settle an old score with General Loi. When Storm Shadow was a prisoner of war in Vietnam Loi was his captor and now years later Storm Shadow is back to get his revenge.

The Cold Zone
Snake-Eyes ambushes a squad of Cobra snow serpents who are protecting a new weapon and it creator.

Ancient Relics Part 3
Megatron attacks Action Force in the sewers of London. As they escape to the surface, Autobots Grimlock and Centurion get in a huge fight.

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Alternate Covers

Notes of Interest

European Missions is actually a US reprint of an original UK Action Force Monthly stories. Issue contains a mini poster of the cover. Old Scores - Storm Shadow's Vietnam war history is completely different then the Marvel version, Snake-Eyes & Stalker are not involved. The Hard Master as Storm Shadow's trainer is mentioned.

Ancient Relics Part 3 originally appeared in Action Force #24. Ancient Relics is a story crossover with the regular Transformer comic series.

Major Players

Old Scores
Cobra: Storm Shadow

Additional Characters: General Loi (deceased), Loi's Bodyguard Han (deceased), Vietnam soldier Donald Jefferson (deceased)

The Cold Zone
Action Force: Snake-Eyes, Timber

Cobra: Snow Serpents

Additional Characters: Chattle (deceased)

Ancient Relics Part 3
Action Force: Airtight, Bazooka, Barbeque, Flint, Scarlett, Wild Bill

Autobots: Blades, Centurion, Grimlock

Decepticons: Megatron

Additional Characters: Ms. Hoffman

Creative Team

Old Scores
Script: Grant Morrison,
Art: Mark Farmer,
Letters: Annie H.,
Colour: Nick Abadzis
Cover Artist: Art Hopgood

The Cold Zone
Plot/Script: Ian Rimmer,
Plot/Art: Jerry Paris,
Letters: Gordon Robson,
Colour: Stuart Place

Ancient Relics Part 3
Script: Simon Furman,
Pencils: Geoff Senior,
Inks: Dave Harwood,
Letters: Annie H.,
Colour: Steve White

Full Details

Old Scores

Storm Shadow is hunting for an old adversary, General Loi. Seventeen years earlier in Vietnam, Storm Shadow and Donald Jefferson are POW's of General Loi. Loi tortures both but Storm Shadow's ninja training helped him protect himself. Jefferson wasn't so lucky and in four months they beat Jefferson to a slow painful death. At the moment of Jefferson's death Storm Shadow vowed to return to kill Loi and escaped.

And now he is back, killing his way through General Loi's soldiers. Loi's loyal bodyguard Han promises to confront Storm Shadow and stop him before he gets to Loi. Using the Hard Master's training, Storm Shadow matches Han's fighting style move for move and is able to defeat him.

The now very paranoid Loi is all alone when Storm Shadow enters the room. Standing over him with a sword on the brink of killing Loi, he stops. Loi expecting death gets from Storm Shadow a threat that no matter where Loi goes Storm Shadow will always be able to kill him. Loi is now out of his mind paranoid as Storm Shadow just walks away. Back outside, Storm Shadow hears Loi commit suicide.

The Cold Zone

In the frozen wilderness of North America, Chattle and a squad of snow serpents are raiding a computer facility to steal its computer records and all its secret weapons. Snake-Eyes and Timber are waiting for the squad. Chattle who used to work at the facility before selling out to Cobra is expecting the place to filled with staff. But when they bust down the door every thing it is empty.

Snake-Eyes & Timber attack the snow serpents as Chattle runs into the special weapons room. Inside the room, Chattle arms himself with Project X, a gun that shoots large amounts of shrapnel darts. These darts can easily shred steel. As Snake-Eyes comes around the corner Chattle fires the first volley, several of them hit Snake-Eyes but he is able to avoid any major damage. He escapes outside as a chase through the wilderness happens. Using a heat sensor Chattle is able to track the injured Snake-Eyes. Snake-Eyes trail leads Chattle to the edge of cliff where Snake-Eyes is cornered, but using Timber as diversion Snake-Eyes pushes Chattle off the cliff to his death.

Ancient Relics Part 3

Flint, Scarlett, Airtight, Barbeque and Bazooka escape from the sewers of London to the surface as a rampaging Megatron chases them. The Autobot Blades, who was shot in the back by Megatron, is left in the sewer. Megatron finally emerges from the sewer to discover that he has been tracked by Autobots Grimlock and Centurion. A huge fight between them starts, lots of destruction is done.

As Action Force watches, they figure out they need to help the Autobots against the super aggressive Megatron. Flint calls in Wild Bill and his squad of Dragonfly helicopters. They target Megatron and fire. Sustaining many direct hits Megatron returns fire destroying Wild Bill's Dragonfly causing him to abandon ship in mid-air.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen