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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: August 1989
Series: European Missions (Reprints)
Issue Number: 15

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Nights in Armour
Lt. Falcon and Backstop lead an armour assault on a Cobra held oil terminal. Tunnel Rat's team sneaks in through the pipeline to deactivate the charges that are set up at the wellhead of the terminal.

The Mission!
Flint sends Snake-Eyes on a solo mission to destroy a Cobra laser.

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Notes of Interest

European Missions is actually a US reprint of an original UK Action Force Monthly stories.

Intelligence Profile : Hit & Run
T.A.C. (Tactical Arms Compendium) : Persuader
Mail Call
The Stupendous Action Force Persuader Competition

Major Players

Nights in Armour
Action Force: Backstop, Cross Country, Dial Tone, Fast Draw, Hit & Run, Lt. Falcon, Mainframe, Roadblock, Sneak Peak, Steeler, Thunder, Tunnel Rat

Cobras: Vipers, Crimson Guard, Tele Viper, Maggot

The Mission!
Action Force: Snake-Eyes, Flint

Cobras: Vipers

Creative Team

Nights in Armour
Script: Dan Abnett,
Art: Stewart Johnson,
Letters: Annie H.,
Colours: Euan Peters,
Editor: Steve White,
Managing Editor: Jenny O'Connor
Cover Artist: John M. Burns and Stewart Johnson

The Mission!
Script: Ian Rimmer,
Art: John McCrea,
Letters: Stuart Bartlett,
Colour: Hel

Full Details

Nights in Armour

Cobra has captured an oil terminal. They are planning on destroying it and others by setting charges that will cause a chain reaction that will damage many additional oil terminals.

Action Force has a two pronged plan: Lt. Falcon on Backstop's Persuader will lead an armour column that includes Cross Country's Havocs and Heavy Metal's Maulers. Roadblock is going to be riding in the gun mount of Cross Country's HAVOC. The second part is Tunnel Rat leading Sneak Peak, Fast Draw; Hit 'n' Run and Mainframe through the closed oil pipeline directly into the oil terminal. Lt. Falcon's mission is partly as a distraction to Cobra for Tunnel Rat's team.

The armour assault commences. Roadblock sites and destroys a Cobra trouble bubble that was laser targeting Havocs for Cobra's artillery. Several Cobra Rattlers appear and Cross country's Havoc's also destroy them. Backstop's Persuader destroys some of the Cobra artillery, Heavy Metal's Maulers do some clean up on additional Cobra tanks and soldiers.

Tunnel Rat's team successfully sneaks into the terminal's main wellhead tower where Cobra has set the explosives. Sneak Peak and Hit 'n' Run take out several of the Cobra's guarding the wellhead but a radio signal is sent out that the wellhead is under attack. Several of the Cobra ground assault vehicles are sent towards the wellhead. Fast Draw is able to destroy them. This entire time Mainframe has been patching into the explosives computer in order to shut it down.

Lt. Falcon's armour has been very successful, they have been able to destroy most of the Cobra's artillery and make their way into the oil terminal. He radio's Tunnel Rat for an update. Tunnel Rat's response is that Mainframe has been successful in deactivating the explosives, but only had minimal time left on the timer.

The Mission!

Flint sends Snake-Eyes on a mission to a secret Cobra island. That mission has two objectives. The first is destroying a Cobra laser capable of shooting down satellites and the second is for Snake-Eyes to extract himself to a submarine off the coast of the island.

Snake-Eyes parachutes onto the island. He then quietly takes out few Cobra Vipers that are on guard and over hears a scientist bragging about how they are going to test the weapon in the morning. The laser has just finished production and is now operational. And its first target is an Action Force satellite.

Snake-Eyes then sets his grenades next a row of gas cans and proceeds toward a Cobra Rattler that has landed near the laser. On his way he is spotted by several Vipers. After he dispatches them with his sword, the alarm is raised as his grenades make a huge explosion of the gas cans. Snake-Eyes then gets in the Rattler and instead of a vertical lift off he crashes the plane directly into the laser destroying both. The Cobra's believe that he was in the crash, but he had deceived them by escaping before the explosion.

A little later he arrives at the rendezvous with the submarine for successful extraction.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen