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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: June 1989
Series: European Missions (Reprints)
Issue Number: 13

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The Prisoner!
Destro is a prisoner of Action Force. Cobra is waging total destruction on London until Action Force releases him. Cobra Commander leads an attack directly on their headquarters which allows Destro to escape and rejoin Cobra.

Terror Tower!
Action Force stops an attempt by Cobra to destroy the Eiffel Tower.

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Notes of Interest

European Missions is actually a US reprint of an original UK Action Force Monthly stories.

Terror Tower! originally appeared in Action Force #6.
Intelligence Profile - Hawk, Vipers
Mail Call

Terror Tower! Trent is Director of Operations for the Action Force team.

Major Players

The Prisoner!
Action Force: Dial Tone, Hawk, Flint, Footloose, Lady Jaye, Lifeline

Cobras: Baroness, Cobra Commander, Destro, Wild Weasel

Terror Tower!
Action Force: Airtight, Alpine, Dusty, Lady Jaye,

Cobras: Two Crimson Guardsmen

Additional Characters: Trent

Creative Team

The Prisoner!
Script: Steve Alan,
Art: Robin Smith,
Letters: Annie H.,
Colours: Stuart Place,
Editor: Steve White,
Managing Editor: Jenny O'Connor
Cover Artist: Robin Smith

Terror Tower!
Script: Mike Collins,
Pencils: Kev Hopgood,
Inks: Dave Harwood,
Letters: Annie H.,
Colour: Steve White

Full Details

The Prisoner!

Destro is currently being interrogated (he was captured in European Missions #8). Flint has been leading the questioning and they have gotten nowhere.

Meanwhile, Cobra Commander has been leading attacks on the city of London in effort to get Action Force to release Destro. Hawk receives a call from the Prime Minister that he is to enact directive eight, which is the total destruction of Action Force's secret underground base.

Lifeline believes he can disengage Destro's mask, which doesn't work leaving him knock out from an electric charge. At the same time a radio beacon is transmitted. Dial Tone in the communications center reads it immediately, unfortunately so does Cobra Commander. Now the exact location of Destro is know to Cobra Commander, who launches an attack on the base.

As the countdown of the base's destruction continues, Cobra Commander gains access to the base. Action Force does it best to keep the numerically superior Cobra forces at bay. Flint goes to continue to interrogate Destro but Destro has managed to free himself. A fight between the two happens with Flint losing. Using plastic explosives in his mask, Destro blasts his way out of the base. Action Force gains the upper hand and pushes Cobra Commander out of the base.

With Destro escaping, Hawk calls off the base's destruction. And outside the base, Destro finds Cobra Commander.

Terror Tower!

Using information gained by Snake-Eyes, Lady Jaye, Footloose, Airtight and Alpine are standing guard on the Eiffel Tower to protect it from a Cobra attack.

Right on time, one female and one male Crimson Guard Cobra soldiers attack. They drop a very destructive thermite grenade with a one minute timer. Alpine grabs the grenade and swings down to a lower level to disarm it. The clock is literally ticking.

Footloose knocks out the male Crimson Guardsman. The female Guardsman fires hear flame thrower at Airtight, whose suit is flame resistant, he then recovers and knocks her out with one punch.

Down below Alpine has a frantic search for something that can work for as a pin for the grenade. He finally finds something that will work with just seconds to spare. The Cobra Guardsmen are arrested, but Lady Jaye hears word the Cobra has made a successful attack on Rome.

Back in London, Action Force officer Trent declares that he is going to wipe out Cobra.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen