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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: May 1989
Series: European Missions (Reprints)
Issue Number: 12

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Super Trooper Snow Chase

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Notes of Interest

European Missions is actually a US reprint of an original UK Action Force Monthly stories.

First Appearance of Super Trooper.

Fact File: Super Trooper
Super Trooper Competition
Mail Call

Major Players

Super Trooper
Joes: Hawk, Flint, Lt. Falcon

Super Trooper Candidates: Joe DeNiro, Glenn Goodard

Snow Chase
Joes: Snake Eyes, Alpine, Dusty

Cobra Buzzer, Ripper

Creative Team

Super Trooper
Script: Steve Alan,
Art: Stewart Johnson
Letters: Hel
Colours: Stuart Place
Managing Editor: Jenny O’Connor
Editor: Steve White
Cover Artist: Stewart Johnson

Snow Chase
Script Mike Collins
Pencils Kev Hopgood
Inks Dave Harwood
Letters Halfacree
Colour Steve White

Full Details

Super Trooper
Super Trooper with a gun and shield, jumps down into a trench next to Hawk. Hawk calls out on the radio “Hit it” some gun emplacements pop out of the ground firing at Super Trooper, he blocks the bullets with his shield and destroys the emplacements with his gun.

At Action Force’s London base, Hawk, Flint and Lt. Falcon are evaluating their final candidates for the Super Trooper program. Joe DeNiro and Captain Glenn Goddard are the last two soldiers remaining in the program. They watch video footage of Joe and Glenn fighting together against Cobra Vipers, repelling down a hole, firing guns all as part of their training to become a Super Trooper. Later, Flint standing in front of the two trainees announces that this is the final stage and unexpectedly punches both of them.

Next up, Joe is driving a boat as Glenn is water skiing behind with artillery raining down on them. The next test is to dodge a train, then they are put in a flight simulator. They both pass and get to sleep the evening in beds. At 4:30 Flint wakes them for a Skystriker flying test, they are sent up to fight against several Cobra Rattler drones. As the air battle breaks out, the Skystriker, piloted by Glenn, takes out two drones but is damaged enough that they have to bail out. But the Skystriker is near a town, so Glenn elects to stay in the plane to make sure it avoids the town as Joe ejects.

Later on the ground, Joe rushes into Flint’s office screaming at him about the deadly tests and his friends death. Flint just congratulates Joe on becoming the first candidate to become a Super Trooper.

Snow Chase
Dreadnoks Buzzer and Ripper are riding their snow converted motorcycles down a slope as they chase Snake Eyes who is on skies. Snake Eyes has just escaped from Castle Destro with Cobra’s plans. Buzzer with his chainsaw cuts down a tree that causes Snake Eyes to crash and get shot by Ripper. But he still disappears.

A few miles away a bleeding Snake Eyes arrives in a small town and writes a note to the clerk that he wants to send a Telex (a late 80’s telephone system that worked similar to a fax machine). As the clerk is sending the message, Buzzer and Ripper ride their motorcycles ride into the lobby and Buzzer’s chainsaw destroys the Telex machine. Snake Eyes gets in a fist fight with both Ripper and Buzzer. He then rushes outside so they get on their cycles to chase him. He has rigged a trip wire which knocks Buzzer and Ripper of their cycles, Snake Eyes blows up Buzzer’s and steals Ripper’s to escape.

At Action Force headquarters, Dusty and Alpine receive Snake Eyes’ message which reads “Cobra to hit Eiffel Tower midday tomorrow.” They are now headed to Paris.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen