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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: April 1989
Series: European Missions (Reprints)
Issue Number: 11

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Wild, Wildlife
Outback is in the Australian outback where Psyche-Out is evaluating him. After a run in with the Dreadnoks, where Outback proves he is a good soldier, a bit crazy but a good soldier.

Coils of the Serpent
Snake-Eyes spies on a meeting between Cobra Commander, Destro and the Baroness where he learns about a new master plan of attack that Cobra Commander is about to unleash on the world.

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Notes of Interest

European Missions is actually a US reprint of an original UK Action Force Monthly stories.

Intelligence Profile - Zanzibar
T.A.C. (Tactical Arms Compendium) - Thunder Machine
Mail Call

Coils of the Serpent originally appeared in Action Force #4.

Major Players

Wild, Wildlife
Action Force: Outback, Psyche-Out

Dreadnoks: Buzzer, Monkeywrench, Road Pig, Thrasher, Zanzibar

Additional Characters: Dean, Pete, Bry (Hostages)

Coils of the Serpent
Action Force: Snake-Eyes

Cobras: Baroness, Cobra Commander, Destro

Creative Team

Wild, Wildlife
Script: Dan Abnett,
Pencils: Robin Smith,
Letters: Annie H.,
Colour: Stuart Place,
Editor: Steve White,
Managing Editor: Jenny O'Connor
Cover Artist: Art Wetherell

Coils of the Serpent
Script: Mike Collins,
Pencils: Kev Hopgood,
Inks: Dave Harwood,
Letters: Starkings,
Colour: Steve White

Full Details

Wild, Wildlife
In the Australian Outback, Psyche-Out is on an evaluation mission with Outback. Outback has been on an extended mission to catch some Dreadnoks that have been terrorizing the locals. Psyche-Out through his current observations believes that Outback's isolation is starting to drive him mad.

After an extended hike, Outback and Psyche-Out come upon Big Pete's bar that the Dreadnoks have taken over. With Pete and his fellow bar patrons tied up as the Dreadnoks, Buzzer, Monkeywrench, Thrasher and Zanzibar party inside with Road Pig standing guard outside, Outback finally sees his chance to capture the Dreadnoks.

Outback decides to attack them starting with Road Pig, Psyche-Out believes Outback's madness leads to this direct assault on 5 Dreadnoks by himself. But Psyche-Out is an Action Force team member and supports his half mad teammate. Remembering the psyche evaluations of the Dreadnoks he walks into the bar to cause a distraction as Outback knocks out Road Pig and releases Pete and the bar patrons.

After fighting Monkeywrench successfully, Psyche-Out is forced to flee. Outback steals the Thunder Machine and they take off. The Dreadnoks are in pursuit. Zanzibar on his air skiff catches up to them and jumps on the Thunder Machine. Psyche-Out punches Zanzibar and he falls off.

Outback then sets a trap. He crashes the Thunder Machine and they go hide. When the Dreadnoks arrive to inspect the damaged Thunder Machine, Outback tosses gas canisters which allows Psyche-Out and Outback to capture the five Dreadnoks.

A little later a plane arrives to take the Dreadnoks and Psyche-Out away. He leaves Outback telling him that he will give him a good recommendation even if he is a bit mad.

Coils of the Serpent
Destro and Cobra Commander return to Destro's castle in the Balkans from rescuing a captured Eel and having left lost a shipment of arms (see European Missions 7,8 & 10). What they are unaware of is that Snake-Eyes had been a stowaway on the helicopter.

Snake-Eyes sneaks away to spy on a meeting between Cobra Commander, Destro and the Baroness. Cobra Commander is about to start a grand plan of conquest, it starts with destroying the Eiffel Tower in Paris and followed by other National monuments around the world and with the up rising of his armies in those cities after the citizens have rebelled against their government.

Destro only in interested in supplying Cobra with arms from his company M.A.R.S. wonders why the Baroness is interested in working with the obviously crazy Commander. She just pledges her loyalty him.

Snake-Eyes having heard all of this realizes that he has to get the message to Action Force to stop Cobra. As he is sneaking away he is discovered and a gun fight breaks out. The alarms are raised.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen