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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: June 1988
Series: European Missions (Reprints)
Issue Number: 1

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Double Bluff
The Action Force team stops a Cobra Crimson Guard kidnapping of an Ambassador, but it is really a set up to get a tracer into Action Force Headquarters. Tomax and Xamot lead a BAT attack on the base. The attack is repelled but the twins get a hold of a picture of Trent and his daughter.

Double Cross
Shipwreck witnesses the raising of a WWII German bomber. As he is inspecting it, Cobra agents take over the ship. They attack Shipwreck, who then traps them in the plane and sends it to the bottom of the ocean.

Ancient Relics Part 1
In the underground tunnels of London, some humans discover a damaged Megatron. He causes a collapse which only one woman survives. In the US, the Autobots detect the activation and Grimlock sends in Blades to investigate.

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Alternate Covers

Notes of Interest

European Missions is actually a US reprint of an original UK Action Force Monthly stories. Issue contains a mini poster of the cover.

Double Bluff - Trent is Director of Operations for the Action Force team.

Ancient Relics Part 1 originally appeared in Transformers 125 (U.K. Magazine). Ancient Relics is a story crossover with the UK Transformer comic series.

Major Players

Double Bluff
Action Force: Flint, Footloose, Lady Jaye, Leatherneck, Roadblock, Sci-Fi
Cobra: Tomax, Xamot, Zartan
Additional Characters: Trent, Ambassador

Double Cross
Action Force: Shipwreck
Cobra: Copperhead (Thronton)
Additional Characters: Dr. Forbes

Ancient Relics Part 1
Autobots: Blades, Grimlock, Centurion, Wheeljack
Decepticons: Megatron
Additional Characters: Ms. Hoffman, Mr. Fuller (deceased)

Creative Team

Double Bluff
Plot: Ford Alan
Script: Dan Abnett
Pencils: Dougie Braithwaite
Inks: Cam Smith
Letters: Annie H.
Colour: Stuart Place
Cover Artist: Doug Braithwaite

Double Cross
Script: Ian Rimmer
Pencils: Dougie Braithwaite
Inks: Cam Smith
Letters: Bryan Hitch
Colour: Stuart Place

Ancient Relics Part 1
Script: Simon Furman
Pencils: Geoff Senior
Inks: Dave Harwood
Letters: Annie H.
Colour: Steve White

Full Details

Double Bluff
Several Cobra Crimson Guardsmen are holding a kidnapped Ambassador for ransom. Roadblock busts into to the room as a distraction, Leatherneck frees the ambassador, Sci-Fi snipes two of Guardsmen and Lady Jaye, Flint and Footloose guard the roof. Xamot has been watching the kidnapping and calls off his twin brother Tomax, who is flying a helicopter and about to land on the roof, because Action Force has defeated the Guardsmen.

Back at Action Force's underground base, Director of Operations Trent is debriefing the team. As they are all leaving, Trent talks to Footloose about his current holiday that he is taking. Reminding him that it is a dangerous gamble and a bluff can be hazardous. Footloose's response is "A double bluff can be deadly" and off he goes to get on a train. And on the train are many BATS...

Flint, Sci-Fi and Lady Jaye find the Cobra transmitter, found inside a Guardsman's uniform, that they allowed into the base. They are hoping Cobra will attack the base.

Tomax and Xamot take the bait using a captured Footloose to gain access to the base; they attack with a squad of BAT's. Lady Jaye holds reminding Sci-Fi that for the plan to work they have to be inside the base. Once inside the base's defenses Roadblock's gun takes out a good portion of the BAT's and Footloose is able to escape. Tomax and Xamot make their way into Trent's office and then escape. Flint is very concerned with how easy they were able to get out of the base.

On the train leaving the base area, Tomax and Xamot are talking about how the attack failed, but they were able to get something of importance, a picture of Trent and his daughter. Sitting in the train car with them is a bum who has been listening, who turns out to be Zartan in disguise.

Double Cross
On a ship in the North Atlantic, Shipwreck is observing an underwater rescue operation of an old WWII German bomber. A Dr. Forbes has created a balloon system for raising items off the bottom of the ocean. As the plane comes to the surface Shipwreck and Forbes go to it.

On the deck of the ship, a Copperhead trooper named Thronton, whose father knew about the plane, has been working with Forbes to get to the plane. Now that it is on the surface he kills the crew on the ship and shoots at Forbes and Shipwreck on the plane. Forbes is killed and Shipwreck hides inside where he discovers crates of gold, the real reason for the retrieval of the old relic. As Thronton and a couple of addition troopers come on the plane, Shipwreck sneaks out and pops the balloons. The plane shifts causing the crates of gold to pin Thornton and the troopers to the floor. The plane goes back to the bottom of the ocean as well as Thornton.

Ancient Relics Part 1
A Ms. Huffman and Mr. Fuller, along with several others, are exploring the ancient underground tunnels of London. They were created by the Roman's and very rarely explored. They hear a very loud weird noise. As they investigate, a much damaged Megatron activates and scares them away. Megatron causes a minor collapse of the tunnel. The collapse catches all of the explorers except Ms. Huffman. She is the only one left alive and the collapse seals the tunnel entrance.

In the US at the Autobot's Ark, Grimlock has been monitoring the Transformers on Earth when an unknown activation signal shows up, Blades is sent to investigate. Also, inside the Arc Grimlock is having Wheeljack fix up an old, outdated Transformer named Centurion.

Grimlock has been leading, not too well, the Autobots on a hunt for fellow Autobots Blaster and Goldbug (aka Bumblebee) who are missing. Believing this activation in the London tunnel is one of them Blades enters the tunnel.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen