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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: December 2007
Series: G.I. Joe: America's Elite
Issue Number: 30

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Cobra with the Iron Grenadiers is attacking all over the world: Moscow, China, North Korea, and Columbia, The Rock, The Coffin and Joe team in Israel. The entire Plague squad attacks the Joe team with Ibrahim before they can get back to The Rock where Colton, Hawk and an injured Sparks escape from Cobra. At the Coffin, Storm Shadow arrives to prevent Cobra from releasing the prisoners by a group of Night Creepers and Vipers lead by Tomax. Major Bludd and Xamot are part of a deal that Tomax takes in order to save his brother's life.

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Notes of Interest

Double sized IssueData Desk Files: The Plague: Bayonet, Blackout, Body Bags, Gallows, Grim Skull, Guillotine, Incision, Infrared, Interrogator, Munitia, Vanguard (Lt. Nick Bailey), Vector, Velocity

The return of GI Jane & Storm Shadow.Introduction of Gen. J. Flagg, Jr., son of the deceased General Lawrence Flagg.First appearance of the entire Plague squad.

Agent Delta's name is Locan Rourke

Major Players

Joe Team: Agent Delta(Rourke), General Colton, General J. Flagg, Jr, GI Jane, Clutch, Cover Girl, Duke, Flint, Falcon, Gung-Ho, Hawk, Mutt & Junkyard, Rock 'n' Roll, Roadblock, Scarlett, Sgt. Slaughter, Shipwreck, Snake-Eyes, Spirit, Stalker, Sparks, Storm Shadow, Vorona(Diana), Wild Bill & an undercover Cobra Viper

Cobra: Cobra Commander, Alexander Destro, Dr. Knox, Major Bludd, Tomax, XamotThe

Plague: Bayonet, Blackout, Body Bags, Gallows, Grim Skull, Guillotine, Incision (Aleph), Infrared, Interrogator, Munitia, Vanguard (Lt. Nick Bailey), Vector, Velocity

October Guard: Sgt. Misha, Ruslan

Additional Characters: President of United States, President of Russia, Ibrahim

Creative Team

Writer: Mark Powers, Artist: Mike Bear, Colorist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu, Letterer: Brian J. Crowley, Military Advisor: Phil Kost, Editor: Mike O'Sullivan, Cover: Mike Bear and Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Full Details

Moscow is bombed.

The President of the United States is a captive of Cobra Commander.

NATO pledges to support the US and its allies against the Cobra assaults.

Alexander Destro is sent on a mission to attack the British and French with his Iron Grenadier Army.

At The Rock, Cobra is attacking a wheelchair less Hawk, Gen. Colton and Sparks who are cornered and trying to fight their way out. GI Jane has been able to extract most of personal safely.

In Russia, some guards are not allowing Vorona and Falcon through a check point. Several of the October Guard helps them to cross into Moscow.

In Fort Bragg, several cabinet members are talking to the Russia President. Everyone is trying to figure out how to fight Cobra. The Russian President then fires several ICBM's at US bases that are controlled by Cobra. Cobra Commander is so powerful that he uses an M.A.R.S. controlled satellite to shoot down the three ICBM's.

Alexander Destro leads an air raid in his invisible airplanes that destroys a lot of NATO's military resources.

Driving to Boston, Storm Shadow receives a phone call to head to some specific coordinates.

In Israel, Agent Delta (Locran Rourke) with Ibrahim and entire active GI Joe team has just received a message that The Rock is under attack. As they are about to leave to return, The Plague busts in and a major battle starts.

Individual fights break out: Velocity with his jetpack begins firing from above down on the Joes as a weaponless Agent Delta races up some stairs and jumps onto the back of Velocity. Duke gathers several members and forms a perimeter that suppresses some of the Plague. Incision (formerly known as Aleph of the Night Creepers) goes after Snake-Eyes. Incision does a couple of moves but Snake-Eyes just head butts him, Blackout comes from behind and gets him at gun point. As Snake-Eyes drops his knife he spins around and grabs Blackout by the throat all before the knife hits the ground. Stalker and Flint are cornered by Gallows and Vanguard (Nick Bailey). Wild Bill and Gung-Ho square off against Grim Skull. Rock 'n' Roll, Clutch and Ibrahim pin down Interrogator and Bayonet. Cover Girl, Spirit and Shipwreck are chased by Infrared and Vector. Scarlett easily beats Munitia with a swing kick that knocks her down. After defeating Velocity, Agent Delta and Duke are pinned in a corner. Delta asks for a gun and Duke reluctantly gives him one and says "Okay Rourke, Let's go take back our country." At the GI Joe Maximum Security Penitentiary Code Name: The Coffin in Greenland.Storm Shadow has followed his tip to The Coffin. He makes his way through one wing that is empty. He discovers General J. Flagg, Jr. & Mutt severely beaten. Flagg, Jr. informs him that ninjas are what attacked The Coffin. A group of Night Creepers come from behind and Storm Shadow turns to confront them. Storm Shadow dispatches several of the Night Creepers as they fight into the areas where prisoners are still in cells. Major Bludd reading in his cell is released by Tomax explains that he has paid people on the inside of The Coffin staff and every where else also. Over the intercom, Storm Shadow calls to Tomax. He says "If you value your brother's life, you and your men will report to the medical ward within sixty seconds."

In Xamot's room, Storm Shadow, holding his sword to Xamot's head, makes a deal with Tomax. Tomax and all his men and prisoners he freed so far are to leave with Xamot alive or Xamot dies on the spot. Tomax takes the option of saving his twin brother and leaves, Storm Shadow accomplished leaving the majority of prisoners still incarcerated. After most of the Cobra's have left a Viper walks in. The Viper, who is an informant who called Storm Shadow earlier, gives Storm Shadow a disk and leaves saying "I can do way more damage on the inside. It's an advantage we can't afford to give up, No matter the risks. Take this its Intel on who's coming after you. I'll be in touch when I can."

Somewhere in the desert in the Middle East, Cobra Commander is flying with the President of the United States. He dumps the President handcuffed out in the middle of desert and flies off in his helicopter. In Bogota, Columbia, Yongbyong Nuclear Research Center, North Korea, Archangelsk, Russia and His Ning, China are all military facilities that Cobra Commander has ordered his troops to assault and control. And in ever case they are successful.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen