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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: November 2007
Series: G.I. Joe: America's Elite
Issue Number: 29

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The Joe team works with Agent Delta and Ibrahim of the Mossad to stop an assassination attempt on the Prime Minister of Israel. Falcon and Vorona continue to fight with the October Guard in Russia. Cobra Commander leads a successful attack on the White House and is able to capture the President.

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Notes of Interest

Introduction of new member of October Guard, Ruslan

Major Players

The Joe Team: Agent Delta(Rourke), General Colton, Clutch, Cover Girl, Duke, Flint, Falcon, Gung-ho, Rock 'n' Roll, Roadblock, Scarlett, Shipwreck, Snake-Eyes, Spirit, Stalker, Vorona(Diana), Wild Bill

Cobra: Blackout, Cobra Commander, Alexander Destro, Munita, Lt. Nick Bailey

Additional Characters: President of United States, Russian Prime Minister, Israeli Prime Minister, Ibrahim

Creative Team

Script: Mark Powers, Artist: Mike Bear, Colorist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu, Letterer: Brian J. Crowley, Military Advisor: Phil Kost, General Mayhem (Editor): Mike O'Sullivan, Cover: Ryan Odagawa and Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Full Details

The world is turning into chaos, lots of small wars are breaking out, Boston has been bombed by Russian missiles fired by Cobra agent Blackout and Cobra is behind everything.

In Grozny, Chechnya, Falcon and Vorona are fighting with the October Guard against some rebels with very powerful weapons. Big Bear and new October Guard member Ruslan are able to flank the rebels and kill them. The rebels were using high tech pulse rifles that where supplied to them by M.A.R.S., which is now run by Cobra Commander and Alexander Destro.

General Colton pleads with the President and his advisors to show restraint and patience when it comes to retaliatory response for the Boston attack. The Joes will stop Cobra. The President gives him 24 hours then says "after that the gloves come off."

Cobra Commander activates Alexander Destro's Iron Grenadier army as a way of isolating America by attacking all of its allies.

The entire active roster of the Joe team is sent to Jerusalem to prevent the assassination of the Israeli Prime Minister. Duke is in communication with Agent Delta, an old Joe undercover operative, who was hired by Tomax to kill the Prime Minister. He broke his cover to inform the Joe team of Cobra's plans. As the Joe team spreads out through the city, they encounter many Cobra agents. Duke meets Agent Delta in person.

Back in the White House, the President is talking directly to the Prime Minister of Russia. They are trying to prevent world war III between the two nations. The video transmission is cut off. Cobra has assaulted the White House. At the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the Prime Minister is making a gesture towards peace in front of a very large crowd. The Joe team is covering the speech. Wild Bill and Flint are hovering above in a Dragonfly helicopter. As the speech begins, one of the Prime Minister's secret service agents pulls out his gun to shoot him. Flint with his sniper rifle is able to shoot him before he pulls the trigger. The Prime Minister has been saved. Cobra Commander is successful in assaulting the White House and capturing the President. The Commander's triumphant return to the White House is now complete, except this time he is the one in charge.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen