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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: October 2007
Series: G.I. Joe: America's Elite
Issue Number: 28

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Vorona and Falcon meet with the October Guard in Chechnya, Blackout captures a submarine and fires its missiles at Boston, Duke and his father are questioned by Interrogator, Roadblock saves them both and Tomax gives Agent Delta (Rourke) a mission to assassinate the Prime Minister of Israel. Duke has flashbacks to the death of his mother and the day he told his father he was joining the Army.

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Notes of Interest

Back story of how Duke joined the Army and the death of his mother. Father's name is Max Hauser.

Reappearance of the October Guard.

The World with Commanders's Area of Responsiblity Map labeled "The World with Commanders' Areas of Responsibility" which basically shows where all of the active Joe team members are stationed. Special notes of interest listed here, full listing below. --Carla Greer is stationed at Walter Reed Medical Center, she is the original Doc's niece. --Dr. Talbot is stationed at Walter Reed Medical Center. --Dojo, T'JBang, Fridge, Colonel Sharpe, Admiral Ledger, Gen. Hollingsworth, Robo-Joe are listed as unavailable --General Austin & Colonel Courage stationed at the Pentagon. --General J. Flagg (the deceased General Lawrence Flagg's son) is stationed at The Coffin. --Barrel Roll, Action Man, Agent Faces, Mace & Storm Shadow's location is classified.

Major Players

The Joes: General Colton, Duke, Falcon, Hawk, Roadblock, Vorona and Agent Delta(Rourke)

Cobra: Blackout, Cobra Commander, Alexander Destro, Interrogator, Tomax

October Guard: Dragonsky, Red Star, Sgt. Misha, Big Bear + one unknown

Additional Characters: Duke's Father Max Hauser, Duke's mother(in flashback), President of the United States

Creative Team

Script: Mark Powers, Artist: Mike Bear, Colorist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu, Letterer: Brian J. Crowley, Military Advisor: Phil Kost, Supreme Commander (Editor): Mike O'Sullivan, Cover: Mike Bear, Clayton Brown and Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Full Details

In the North Atlantic, Blackout sneaks onto a surfaced submarine, the captain comes out to observe. Blackout takes him out.

In Chechnya, Russia, current GI Joe member Vorona, formally known as Diana when she was a member of the October Guard, and Falcon are dodging artillery fire as they make there way to a meeting. General Colton has sent them to make contact with the October Guard in order to facilitate a conversation between the US and Russia. Colton wants Russia to know that Cobra is the force behind all of the current turmoil in the world. They meet up with the five member team of the October Guard, Sgt. Misha, Dragonsky, Red Star, Big Bear and one additional unknown.

In an isolation room, Duke is grilled by Interrogator.

In a flashback to Duke's youth, he is sitting next to his cancer dieing mother in the hospital. She expresses her love to him, how proud she is of him, that he should always follow his heart and that he has always been strong like his father and John Wayne and she calls him "My own little Duke".

At GI Joe headquarters, General Colton and Hawk are looking at a wall size map of the world which shows where all 203 of the Joe team members are deployed. Hawk says that they are spread way to thin, diplomatic relations are falling apart all over the world and since the President has called up all military reserves everything seems to be escalating. Colton points out that Cobra has armed every two bit extremist with M.A.R.S. weaponry and millions of lives are in danger. And Agent Delta's warning about world war III starting seems to be coming true.

Alexander Destro is flying a Night Raven that has the ability to be invisible due to its experimental stealth armor but it has a very limited time period which it can remain invisible. Alexander tells the Commander that his army of Grenadiers is ready to be unleashed when he commands.

Inside the submarine, Blackout continues to sneak and kill his way to the command center.

In St. Louis, Interrogator dressed as an Army soldier steps into a room, where Duke's father Max is waiting. Acting as a Major Peters, Interrogator begins to spin a lie about Duke. He begins by saying "Your son's in a bit of trouble". He explains that his son has gone AWOL and been charged with using excessive force and is very dangerous. Major Peters brings up the death of Duke's mother as a possible reason for his recent aggressive behavior. Max breaks down explaining that he felt it wasn't fair that Duke was exposed to death so early in life and that the thought the closeness of father and son through traveling and art would make him into a great man. Interrogator's response is "Maybe he didn't want that...maybe he didn't want to be a feeble, shrill coward like his father." On the other side of the wall, Duke is able to watching what Interrogator is doing to his dad through a window. Interrogator continues "you smothered your son, tried to mold him in to some weak kneed liberal, resented his success and denigrated his choices. Now Conrad's gone off the deep end. He'd have been better off if you had died." Duke's dad just begins to cry. Interrogator leaves the room.

In Cairo, Egypt, Tomax is talking to Rourke (Agent Delta), he has just given him the mission of assassinating the Prime Minister of Israel which is to be blamed on the Palestinians. Rourke's services are now officially engaged by Cobra and his fee is doubled. After Tomax leaves, Rourke calls the Pentagon.

Interrogator is now asking Duke questions, in the back ground through the window his father can be seen crying, about GI Joe's counter intelligence operations in the Middle East. He continues to threaten to do more damage to his father if he doesn't speak up. Duke refuses and then is injected. This causes a flashback.

Conrad hands his father his Army enlistment papers. In effect, Conrad has just passed up a full scholarship to art school by enlisting. Conrad's main reason for joining up is to help protect people. Max response is "politicians use soldiers to perpetrate the crimes they're to cowardly to commit themselves". Conrad's response is "I don't give a crap if you like it, but you damn well better respect it. You dragged me to every protest march from here to Washington DC for years. You know what that taught me? To stand up for what I think is right. My way is just different then yours."

Outside the building Duke and his father are captives in, Roadblock begins his rescue.

On the submarine, Blackout has finally gained access to the command center, kills all of the soldiers and then fires two missiles. He contacts Cobra Commander and confirms the launch.

As Roadblock fights his way to Duke, Interrogator gets mean, he drags Max from the other room, hits him in the head, drops him next to the tied up Duke, puts a gun directly to Max's head and begins a countdown for Duke to reveal the Joe's Middle East activities. Duke's father tells him not to say anything and it is ok that he dies. But Roadblock saves the day. Interrogator aims the gun at Duke and fires, Max jumps in front of the bullet. Roadblock's gun fire causes Interrogator run out of the room just after he fires. Roadblock refuses to chase Interrogator and stays to protect Duke and his alive but injured father.

At an official Presidential function an aid runs to inform the President that missiles have hit Boston. A half hour later the President is addressing the nation with a declaration of war.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen