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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: August 2007
Series: G.I. Joe: America's Elite
Issue Number: 27

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Shipwreck and Cover Girl engage Skull Buster and are able to capture him after an extended battle. Duke reunites with his father and they both are captured by Interrogator. Sparks' new mission is to discover as much information about Agent Delta as he can. And the President of the United States gives General Colton carte blanche to stop the growing troubles around the world that Cobra Commander is inflaming.

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Notes of Interest

Introduction of Duke's Father and some personal history about his deceased mother. First Appearance in America's Elite of Interrogator. Agent Delta's initial connection to the GI Joe is explained. Reappearance of Ibraham (See Special Missions #2)

Major Players

he Joe Team: Cover Girl, Clutch, Duke, General Joe Colton, Hawk, Roadblock, Rock 'n' Roll, Shipwreck, Sparks

Cobra: Cobra Commander, Skull Buster, Interrogator

Additional Characters: A Boston Priest (unnamed) and Agent Delta. Private Franco, President of United States, Duke's father.

Creative Team

Script: Mark Powers, Guest Artist: Mike Shoyket, Colorist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu, Letterer: Brian J. Crowley, Military Advisor: Phil Kost, Supreme Commander (Editor): Mike O'Sullivan, Cover: Mike Bear and Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Full Details

Off the Coast of Skeleton Island, Namibia, Shipwreck and Cover Girl are swimming in rough oceans to the shore. After arriving on shore Cover Girl passes out and Shipwreck goes to sleep right next to her. When Shipwreck wakes up Cover Girl is gone.

General Joe Colton, Hawk and Sparks are talking about the recent report from their deep undercover agent Delta. Sparks has been unable to discover anything in the military records. Hawk reveals what he knows to Colton. Basically, pre-formation of the GI Joe team and when Cobra was first emerging as a national threat, General Flagg dispatched an undercover operative to infiltrate Cobra. The legend of this agent that no one including Hawk has heard from is that he spent 11 months in prison before joining Cobra. The mission was run so secret that only General Flagg knew the agent's private identity and he took it with him to his grave when he was killed by Major Bludd. After many months, Agent Delta stopped reporting in and was never heard from again. It was assumed that he was killed as his cover was compromised. Gen. Colton is very skeptical and thinks it is a possible Cobra mind game. But he tasks Sparks with finding Agent Delta and getting a rapport with him to clarify who he is and what all his talk about World War III means.

Roadblock and Duke are shooting pool and talking about Shipwreck and Cover Girl's relationship when Private Franco walks in with a private message for Duke.

In Ankara, Turkey, Clutch and Rock 'N' Roll are helping investigate a massive bombing that destroyed an entire building. At the site is a Mossad agent named Ibraham, Clutch has dealt with him before way back in Brazil on a special mission (See Special Mission #2). Ibraham sees this bombing as the possible beginning to Armageddon between the Jews and Muslims.

Shipwreck begins to track Cover Girl and Skull Buster through the desert terrain of the island. Skull Buster has Cover Girl restrained and is explaining himself to her. He says that he is no longer with Cobra, has been trying to fade away, he will not to be confined, has plans to leave her and Shipwreck to die in the desert and has no plans to kill them. Shipwreck has been able to successfully track there path when he hears Cover Girl scream. He rushes into a known trap. Skull Buster confronts Cover Girl and figures out that she cares for Shipwreck more then just as a teammate. And he plans on using that fact against them.

In New York City, Duke is making his way through a detention area. He finds the man he is looking for behind the containment fence. The man much older with glasses and wearing a tie dyed t-shirt is his father, he was arrested at an anti government protest. Much later at Duke's family home in St. Louis, his father brings out some of Duke's paintings he did as a kid. When Duke was twelve he painted a portrait of his mother that is prominently displayed in their home. They take about how the disease had taken everything from here. Then Duke's father talks about how he has been followed by some government spook for weeks.

General Colton is briefing the President about the numerous conflicts around the world. He gets Clutch on a satellite feed to brief them on the troubles in Turkey. He believes that the danger is real that the region will explode and that they need more personal. Colton promises more help. He then reminds the President that Cobra Commander has gained control of M.A.R.S. and this could be part of reason for all of these increase tensions in the world. The President then makes a decision that GI Joe has carte blanche and that they will activate all of their military assets in order to stop Cobra.

Back in Namibia, Skull Buster has been getting the better of Shipwreck in knife that turned into a fist fight. Cover Girl causes a distraction which allows Shipwreck an opportunity to grab a scorpion and press the stinger into Skull Buster's arm. The poison gives him temporary paralysis. Skull Buster is going to prison.

In South Boston, the catholic priest is talking with Agent Delta telling him that he is forgiven by God but he will never feel right until he forgives himself. Delta answers a phone call from Cobra Commander and he walks away saying "Sorry father - I've got sins to commit". Back in St. Louis, Duke and his father are still talking about his artistic abilities and how if he hadn't joined the Army he would have a great career. All of a sudden Duke's father drops his cup and falls over, Duke jumps up to help and he falls over also. Interrogator walks into the room and says "Get them out of here. We have many, many questions for the Hausers."

Summary by Josh Eggebeen